iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? – Fix It Here

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? – Why do you think the problem is this? Okay, the iPhone is going to be trapped on the Apple logo tab, so that’s not going to work at all. You can’t access any of the keys so it doesn’t do something by clicking the Home button. You can use the Power button to power down your iPhone but it won’t do anything else. When you’ve seen this image in the past you definitely screamed!

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? - Fix It Here

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? – Fix It Here

Are you tackling this issue right now? I appreciate how you sound, but luckily now that we have the answer, you are in the right spot. Read on to learn all the different ways you can fix your iPhone on the Apple logo.

Here are the four main problem-solving options. Below we’ll describe them in detail:

Force Restart:

The simplest method is to seek to compel the iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max), or some other variant of the iPhone to reset. This is a very basic and free option but in most cases, it simply won’t work. Next, you should always try this but don’t be shocked if it doesn’t fit.

A ‘no data loss’ Alternative:

Use electronic services is the easiest and most secure way to repair an iPhone that’s caught on the Apple emblem so you don’t have to fear missing any data.


Although this approach would delete all the data on your computer, using your previous backups you can recover it very quickly.

Do a Restore:

This is the most dangerous kind of iPhone reset, and you can use with care just a default version upgrade, only after you’ve checked all the other alternatives.

If you’ve got your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo you‘re probably wondering what caused the crash. Once you grasp the cause of the issue you are much less likely to see that happen again. See some of the can explanations why your iPhone home screen could get stuck on the Apple logo.

It’s an upgrade issue:

You may find that right after you update to the newest iOS 13 or iOS 12 your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo. For a variety of reasons, this can happen, but usually, it’s down to trying to install the newest iOS on an older phone. Including the iOS 12 problems, iOS 11 is being spoken about as one of the most controversial iterations of iOS. You can check here for other iOS issues.

You tried to jailbreak your phone:

If you’ve attempted the jailbreak yourself or brought it to a professional, your iPhone will get stuck on Apple‘s logo after you’ve completed the jailbreak phase.

It happens after you restore from iTunes:

Either way, you restore your iPhone, it can get stuck on Apple‘s screen after you restore it from iTunes or iCloud.

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We also like to upgrade or repair our iPhones semi-regularly, for a number of purposes. You can stick your iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max) or any other iPhone model on the Apple logo screen if you have a problem installing an update or a regular restoration.

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