How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro – Step by Step Guide 2024

How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro – When you are selling or exporting your Computer, merely removing your data and calling it a day until delivering the computer is not enough. It’s a good idea to restore your Mac to factory settings for extra protection.

How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro – Step by Step Guide

How to factory reset MacBook pro

Be sure you encrypt your files and sign out of your accounts and programs before you start erasing the drive. Plugin your power adapter when you’re finished and obey our guidance.

  1. Restart in Recovery Mode:

You must delete your start-up drive, and the first thing you need to do is start from the partition for recovery. Click and pick Restart to do so. Click and hold Command + R keys until you see the Apple emblem as the Mac turns off and then switches back on. Drop the keys and continue to the next move.

  1. Erase Data from Mac Hard Drive:

While in Recovery Mode, you won’t see your usual login screen. Instead, you’ll see the “macOS Utilities” window. Here are your next steps:

  1. Select Disk Utility from the macOS utility tab, and press Start.
  2. Choose your disk initialization and then press the Delete icon.
  3. Choose the Format for Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
  4. Tap on Delete.
  5. Wait before finishes of the operation. When done, go to the top menu of the Disk Utility and exit the Disk Utility.
  6. Reinstall macOS (optional):

Now you can conduct a clean macOS update with your hard drive fully wiped and clear of any files. You should do so when the Mac is already in recuperation mode. Select Reinstalling macOS (Reinstall OS X in older versions) from the same macOS Utility tab. Try getting a new macOS Catalina mounted.

Factory Reset MacBook Pro

Still, it is not appropriate to do so. When you give someone else the Mac to use, you should only keep it as it is, so that the new user will set it up however they wish.

You’re done. The Mac’s set for its next user. Don’t overlook, whether you are selling your Mac or want to uninstall your startup disk to reinstall macOS you can use these tips. If you intend to maintain your Mac, our tutorial on How to Build a Bootable High Sierra Installer might be of interest to you.

We trust this tutorial has been useful to you. Check back soon for another helpful article on how to keep your Mac under order — and its protection.

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In this way, you can factory reset the MacBook pro and if you want to reinstall macOS again then you can follow the above steps for reinstalling the macOS.

For more information regarding uninstalling and reinstalling the macOS after the factory reset of the MacBook pro.

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