7 Best Hot Swappable Keyboard – Mechanical Keyboard 2024

Hot Swappable Keyboard are popular these days as it was never been easier to change the keys of a keyboard without using soldering.

You just need to pull out a switch and just replace it with another one. It is great when you like to change the keys frequently.

Are you a fan of mechanical keyboards? Yes!

Finding it hard to select the right Swappable Keyboard?  Just relax!

Best Hot Swappable Keyboard 2024

7 Best Hot Swappable Keyboard - Mechanical Keyboard 2020

I am going to mention the top seven Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard.

1 – Drop Alt 65% (4.5*)

Drop Alt keyboard contains all the features found in a higher-end keyboard. The keyboard is made of solid aluminum and mounted with magnetic legs. It is sturdy so difficult to move when you are using it.

Key features of Drop Alt 65%

  • Select what you like

There is a variety of switches on the keyboard to select which you like. You can opt for heavy and tactile or lightweight.

  • Colorful light show

The customizable RGB backlighting shines through PBT keycaps. Imagine a colorful light show straight on your fingertips.

  • Ergonomic angle

The Alt key is adjustable as per your requirement it can be fitted with removable magnetic feet. You can type at any angle or make your keyboard flat.

2 – SteelSeries Apex

If productivity is the aim then SteelSeries is designed for you. This keyboard is aimed at gamers and tweakers. So join the hands together for ergonomics and strategy. It is a small-size keyboard without a num pad.

Features of SteelSeries Apex

  • Sturdy

The keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It is designed to offer lifetime durability and stability.

  • RGB lighting

The unmatched customization of the keyboard offers 16.8 million colors per key.

  • Ergonomic feel

Premium magnetic wrist rest offers full palm support and ensures a comfortable and ergonomic feel.

  • Smart display

The integrated command center works to enable the setting and tracking straight from your game, Spotify, and so on.

  • Guaranteed 50 million key presses

Blue switches ensure their clicky snap action key presses you exactly feel when a key registers.

3 – Abkoncore K660 (Black)

If you are looking for a full-sized model K660 is for you. This keyboard offers you complete anti-ghosting functionality supplied with N-Key Rollover using which you can press several keys at one time.

  • Easy to use

It offers clicky feedback at every keypress all the keys are well-spaced and stable. You will get satisfactory audible clicky feedback at every keypress.

  • Stable keys

The keys are stable you can enjoy a gaming and typing experience. Using it for a long time you will not feel any fatigue even if you feel light.

  • Media hotkeys

The media hotkeys are extremely useful to control the music and volume. You don’t need to minimize the game for changing the volume of your favorite songs.

  • Different LED modes

It has full rainbow backlighting keys and a side RGB LED. The 13 different LED modes can be easily customized to make your personalized gaming experience.

  • Sturdy product

The keyboard weighs 1.24kg, is sturdy, and is well built. It offers two incline settings that can be easily adjusted to give optimal comfort.

4 – Glorious Modular

The Glorious gives you a great experience of cherry, Gateron, and Kailth brand switches. Keycaps of the switches can be easily taken off and you can combine different switches to get the best combination of keys.

Features of Glorious Modular

  • Quick to use

Do you want to try different switches you can change the different switch? Simply buy new switches and fit them as per your requirement.

  • Use any combination of switches

You can use any combination of switches like Zeal switch, Cherry, Gateron, and Kaith are compatible with it.

  • 8 million Colors

Select the color of the key as you like it has several light effects to spice up your battle station. The setting is easily changeable directly from the keyboard or through the software.

5 – Tecware Phantom

This keyboard is packed with great features you can swap out and test different switches. It is made of plastic but the aluminum backplate improves build quality.

Features of Tecware Phantom

  • Enhance the gaming experience

It enhances your gaming experience with 20 preset configurations. You can also create your match in your system.

  • Faster gaming experience

The full N-key rollover and 1000Hz polling rate allow you to enjoy a faster and smoother gaming experience.

  • Nice and secure

Spacebar and other larger keys have a minimum rattle, nice and secure. It is a bigger, cheaper, and solid keyboard.

6 – Womier K66

K66 is made with an acrylic frame whereas the other frames are made of aluminum or plastic. The three layers of acrylic include a top sheet, middle spacer, and bottom sheet.

Features of Womier K66

  • Detachable USB-C Port

The keyboard contains amazing RGB lighting effects. It has 66 keys with a 65% layout which makes it unique.

  • RGB lights

The lights spill out from below, sides, top, and through each key with its double shot ABS keycaps. This not only gives the professional look to it but makes it readable too.

  • Customizable

You can adjust the glow according to your requirements like top/side or bottom glow.

  • Nice sound when you press a key

The stabilizers are already installed into it. You don’t need to click or press an extra key the acrylic case doesn’t echo when you bottom out.

7 – Epomaker SK61

To provide an ultimate experience SK61 is designed with Gateron optical switches that are hot-swappable. You can easily customize the keyboard as per your choice.

Features of EpoMaker SK61

  • Three layers of programmable mode

FN1/2/3 all types of keyboard key functions can be set using driver, macro record, personalize your function key as per your choice.

  • 8 Million RGB

RGB is a great element for a gamer; SK 61 knows all your needs as this model contains RGB SMD light.

  • Supports Win & Mac

The keyboard is compatible with Mac and Windows you need not worry about the compatibility.

  • Fast connection

It is equipped with a Type-C cable that offers a fast connection. It is perfect for the game as well as work.

Best Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboards

7 Best Hot Swappable Keyboard - Mechanical Keyboard 2020


Selecting the right hot-swappable keyboard is fun. Every month a new release of hot-swappable keyboard is released. A hot-swappable keyboard is perfect if you don’t have space or time to solder keyboards. Just make your budget and check the features you want.

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