Best Ducky Keyboard 2024 – Ducky Mechanical Keyboard Review

Best Ducky Keyboard 2021 - Ducky Mechanical Keyboard ReviewBest Ducky Keyboard – Ducky keyboards are designed to offer a superb gaming experience. It is a well-respected brand in the Mechanical Keyboard industry. The company is producing clean, simple, and cutting-edge mechanical switch peripherals. These keyboards are notable for their unique aesthetic designs.

Best Ducky Keyboard 2024

Only the company takes switches from outside which are from Cherry MX. Ducky got several awards. The company has created partnerships with businesses in more than 30 different countries. That’s why this brand is able to serve gamers around the world.

Why do you Buy Ducky Keyboard?

This keyboard is built to last the manufacturer ensures that all keyboards are made with top-notch quality. These keyboards offer great responsiveness when it comes to gaming. It is perfect for all types of gamers.

Which Ducky Keyboard is Best?

It is difficult to find out which ducky keyboard is to be selected. Here I am going to mention the top seven models of Ducky Keyboards

1 – Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

It is a simple, compact, and tenkeyless keyboard with a low-profile bezel. The double-layered feet of the keyboard ensure you can adjust the gaming angle as per your comfort. The lighting system of the keyboard is the coolest part of this product. Select the different light patterns, and brightness levels and adjust the speed of light according to your choice.

2 – Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White Mechanical Keyboard

The clean white keyboard appearance is hiding many secrets within. When you are not using this keyboard it looks like an average white-key device. The keys of it are made out of Doubleshot PBT for durability. As you turn it on your computer keyboard comes into life with vibrant LED light. You can customize the lightning using Ducky software.

You will get a handful of complimentary colored keys and an extra spacebar. The extra spacebar is nicely designed and works great with other keys.

3 – Ducky Shine 7

As the name suggests Ducky Shine has great shinning. It is designed with cutting-edge zinc allowing design with six Cherry MX switches. A user can program macros and remap the keyboard keys. It includes fully customizable RGB lighting effects one can easily configure using its software. The keyboard has 7’s Chinese Zodiac spacebar that offers nice touches.

4 – Ducky Miya Pro Sakura Keyboard

Ducky Miya is a compact TKL keyboard with a cherry blossom design. The numeric and number of keys are made of white PBT and pink printing. The navigation keys contain a complementary shade of pink.

The spacebar has a high-resolution print of cherry blossom tree branches. You can get this model with many different Cherry MX switches that offer you a tactile response. It is available in Blue, Red, Black, Silver, and Silent Red.

5 – Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

This is among the more highly rated 60 percent keyboards. It has quality PBT double-shot keycaps with a great shine. The keyboard is designed for super crisp word processing. It gives 6 alternatives Cherry MX switches to select from. You can customize the lighting effects as per your choice and can save the setting for six alternative profiles.

6 – Ducky One PBT Mechanical Keyboard

It is a gaming keyboard designed for people who need a simple keyboard with a no-frills option. It doesn’t have any features like customizable lightning, artistic effects, etc. This is a solidly built item containing a durable bezel. The model has Cheery MX Silver switches that work great for speed and precision. Keys take a very short reaction time and allow you to perform quick tasks easily.

7 – Ducky Miya Pro Rainbow White Keyboard

It is a beautifully designed ducky keyboard compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. All the keys of this keyboard are designed to give the best performance at games. The keycaps are printed with multi-colored using dye-sub technology. Ducky contains some custom-printed keys to give rainbow look. The spacebar and escape key give artistic look. There is no RGB lightning the keys are backlit with white LEDs for visibility.

Best Ducky Keyboard 2021 - Ducky Mechanical Keyboard Review

Why Ducky Keyboards are Considered Good for Gaming?

Ducky keyboards are designed with advanced technology and great construction. Ducky made it easy to achieve the desired results. It gives a great feel that can complement your setup. All the keys are designed and can be replaced easily.

  • Greatly visible in dark

Ducky keyboard is designed with RGB lightning. This feature looks great as well as improves visibility in the dark. It contains lightning software that helps you to customize the experience. You can easily adjust the RGB LEDs to show the colors you like.

  • Compact devices

The keyboards are exactly compact devices. The manufacturer maintained a slim profile for its keyboard without compromising comfort. Several configurations are available on this keyboard. They don’t take unnecessary space in your room.

  • Custom lightning

Looking for a gaming space? Ducky offers almost its models with RGB lightning. The LED built into the base gives great looks and improves visibility in the dark. The Lighting software of the keyboard helps you to customize the lightning.

  • Each key scanned independently

It is difficult to deal with the keystrokes of a regular keyboard while gaming. Ducky offers N Rollover means every stroke counts. Every key is scanned independently press as many keys as you need to, the keyboard detects it and gives the correct result.

  • Made of good quality material

Ducky keycaps of the keyboard are made of PBT which is one of the best materials for a keyboard. Double shot keys are available with that. The Double-shot means two layers of PBT which means the symbol never degrades after a while.

About Ducky

Ducky is a new company that gained a solid reputation among gamers. The company was founded in 1998 and started getting success in creating high-quality PC peripherals. The manufacturer does all the work in-house and doesn’t rely on a third party. The process of manufacturing starting from design, application, and quality control is top-notch.


Ducky’s keyboards are one of the best mechanical boards. Above mentioned keyboards have great designs, extremely versatile with programmable macros and different switches. You can choose as per your requirement.

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