Best 3D Pen 2024 – Best 3D Printing Pen – Buyer’s Guide

Best 3D Pen 2021 - Best 3D Printing Pen - Buyer's GuideBest 3D Pen – Creativity is breaking out of general things uniquely. It is an intelligence of having fun. Everything is real which you can imagine! Isn’t it? Yes!

Best 3D Pen 2024

Nothing can beat the joy of watching creations that can take shape right in front of your eyes. A 3D pen is used to create a 3D object out of plastic. It is used to raise decorative designs for day-to-day 3D objects. You can also use these pens to repair or modify the three-dimensional objects.

Which 3D Pen I Should Buy?

There are many 3D pens are available in the market it is difficult to select which is good. Here I am going to mention the top ten 3D pens available in the market.

Top 10 3D Pens

1 – RoboCraze

This 3D pen gives the heated plastic which instantly hardens, helps you to draw 3 dimensions on paper or freehand. You can create multi-layer artwork. This pen is specially designed for the kids, can be handled easily.

RoboCraze is a comfortable and ergonomic 3D pen. This fast boot setup pen gives you easy 30 seconds of drawing creative and quick. Moreover, the pen will automatically shut down when not in use for more than 5 minutes.

It works great with 1.75mm ABS and PLA Filament. This is safe as well as an eco-friendly gift for your kid. The pen is used by Architects, Artists, Designers etc.

  • Great for young talents.
  • Perfect item for art and architecture professionals.
  • Value for money.
  • The filament is less order some extra filament while buying this pen.

2 – Lay 3r 3D pen

This is easy to use the 3D pen it is fun for adults and kids. The pen has 6 adjustable speeds and adjustable temperature. It uses a1.75 mm ABS Filament and features a cooling fan. It is used for drawing with ABS plastic filament.

The shape of the pen is nice that enables easy functionality of the pen. It is a great product to encourage creativity and an independent craft for your kid. Automatic shut off is a great feature that helps you to avoid the stress of any injury using this 3D pen.

A quick start drawing guide comes with this pen. Eiffel tower tracer and draw a dog tracer comes with this pen.

  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect gift for the kids.
  • The people with zero skills in art can use this pen.
  • Takes some time to get warm.

3 – Spider Juice

This pen contains PLA Filament which is an environment friendly biodegradable material. The material is taken from renewable plant resources like starch material. PLA filament and ABS filament never creates a pungent odor when you upload it into the 3D pen.

Spider Juice 3D pen is safe for the kids. You can use it with a 3D pen, 3D printers etc. This pen works great you can start with your creative work. Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Gold, Light Grey, Yellow, White, Fluorescent Yellow, Gold, Jacinth, Dark Green, Purple etc.

  • Great product for kid’s use.
  • Eco-friendly 3D pen
  • Multi-color filaments.
  • Not yet.

4 – BeTIM 3D Doodler

BeTIM is designed for kids and teens. This is a lightweight, black and white style suitable for adults and kids. It can be used for PLA and PCL plastics. PLA cools into hard plastic and PCL is soft and malleable.

Although PLA and PCL have different functions, they are versatile in a single pen. The pen uses spool-style filaments, that are longer as compared to a rod. This means that you can easily work on a longer project without any break and reload.

  • A plastic finger cover comes with it to prevent burns.
  • Good quality pen.
  • You can quickly change the colors using this pen.
  • The temperature can drop below the target.

5 – TRLife 3D Doodler

Do you want to practice doodling? TRLife is a great option for you. It is the 4th pen version that comes with a mechanism whose filament never gets jammed into the pen itself. You can see the mechanism thanks to the transparent body of this pen.

It is a great pen for beginners and a transparent sheet to help you draw and practice. TrLife is for simplicity but hardcore users can face some issues while using it.

  • You can see through the body is cool.
  • Enough accessories are available with the pen.
  • One-button operation is great for the people who want to erase of access.
  • Limited functionality no advanced features are available in the pen.

6 – AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D pen

It is a full metal premium 3D printing pen that offers great features to professionals. You can design complex design models. This is an elegant, super slim and ergonomic touch. The grip of the pen is extremely comfortable that enables easy design and 3D print with high precision.

You can fully control the way your pen draws the temperature of the pen can be lower or raised by a single increment. Constant flow and speed of the ink, adjustable temperature ensures that you can easily do your artwork.

  • Great for printing on a flat surface.
  • USB charging a power bank can be used.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Children cannot use this pen.

7 – 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

It is easy to use and user-friendly product. The company ensures that it is an incredible silent operating product. It comes with advanced features which are welcomed add-ons. Pen notifies you about filament get struck.

If you don’t like super-fast or super-slow extrusion of 3D pens you do not need to worry about it. The pen helps you to control the extrusion as per your preferred speed.

  • Great product for the newcomers and veteran artists.
  • An advanced unclogging system that prevents the filament from clogging once it cools.
  • The 1-year warranty is on this pen.
  • The supplied filaments are not enough.

8 – DigiHero 3D Pen

It is a light-weight pen specially designed pen for the kids. The design and construction of the pen cater to children it is a lightweight product. On the top, you will get 12 PLA filament of random colors in the box.

This pen is not for advanced users, so don’t buy it if you are a professional. This pen doesn’t have advanced features like the removal of a nozzle or mechanism that prevents the plastic from jamming when cold.

  • Value for money item.
  • Light in weight and easy to use.
  • 12 PLA filaments is a nice addition.
  • Construction of the pen is cheap as compared to.

9 – Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

It is one of the best 3D pens that manages to give a great performance. This is not a good-looking pen as compared to other pens. Glyby gives you a groundbreaking performance that can work on all types of surfaces. If you are looking for professional work you should see some other pen. This is designed for the kids it has enough features that keep you happy for a long period.

  • Reasonably priced item.
  • Great build quality.
  • Kids like this pen.
  • Not for professionals.

10 – Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

Evo is designed in such a way that kids and professionals both can use this pen. This pen lures kids with doodle templates and several different colorful filaments. It contains advanced features so it is a great choice for adults and professionals.

The speed and temperature adjustments are the appreciated advanced features of this pen. This pen comes with some filaments and templates to offer easy and simple usage.

  • Great product for kids as well as professionals.
  • The LCD screen is a great feature.
  • Available at a good price.
  • Hard to differentiate this pen from other pens in the market.

What features you look for while buying a 3D pen?

3 Pen allows you to draw 3D art or objects. The design facilitates filament loading, drawing process and filament conservation. Different types of pens 3D pens are available in the market with different features.

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The additional features of a 3D pen include large LCD screens, filament jamming detection system, smart 3D pens with different options like thermal management, working LED etc.

  • Control

A good quality 3D pen has a controllable temperature in the pen. Some pens have a controlled speed of drawing. An adjustable feed helps to regulate the flow and speed of drawing. The controlled speed regulations ensure smoothness and ease while drawing an object.

Adjustable temperature helps you to fine-tune your drawing and intelligent controls what a millennium product requires to create massive appeal.

  • Slim Design

Ergonomic 3D pen is out of the market these days. people prefer slim 3D pens as they are comfortable to use. These pens are small and rechargeable with a laptop’s USB. The design of the pen plays an important role when you use a 3D pen.

You can easily access the display and your view will be great from the filament to dropping ink or plastic. A light-in weight and ergonomically designed pen is the need of the hour now.

  • Type of filament used

The filament has a major role in your drawing. It means how you hold the pen and how its grip is. The filament contains the plastic element that helps you to draw the things. More than a dozen different filaments are available in the market.

Look for the filament which is easy to replace and better to use. The easy replicability helps you to use your 3D pen for a long time. There are four types of filaments are available in the market.

  • Standard
  • Flexible
  • Composite
  • Specialty
  • Name of the brand

Brand name always matters in the age of technology. 3Doodler invented the world’s 3D printing pen. 7Tech 3D pen offers a 1-year warranty, some brands are offering great features.

Compare the different models based on different features. You will also notice the false marketing in this technology. Keep in mind to check the features of different brands and know what you need to buy.

  • Read customer reviews

Word of mouth doesn’t work here; it didn’t work on all 3D pens. If you trust reviews and marketing claims go through different reviews on the shopping websites. Beware of fabricated reviews and find true things. It is a great way to find the quality and worth of an item.

Reviews are the first steps towards the information you need about a certain product. Many 3D pens made promises but didn’t follow through. You can also check YouTube to see how a 3Pen works.

What is 3D Pen?

A bulkier version of an ordinary pen/pencil without lead or ink. The 3D pen is operated using plastic. It is used as a pen or pencil by holding it in the same way you can use it in different ways.

You need to insert a plastic filament inside the pen it becomes hot from heating technology inside the pen. The heat of the pen is enough to melt the plastic and turn it into liquid.

What do you need with a 3D pen?

You need a screwdriver, a scissor to trim, a free 3D editing software Blender with a 2D Printer in case you want to create your 3D pen template from a 3D object.

Is 3D pen works like a glue gun?


It works on a very simple principle. The heat of the pen is used to melt plastic like a simple glue gun, the plastic filament is pushed via the heating chamber where it melts. The temperature varies on the based-on material used to make the filament.

The melted filament is pushed through an extruder nozzle. The user of the pen moves the pen to draw different shapes or figures. Melted plastic cools down and solidifies quickly after coming out of the 3D pen.


Wrapping it up 3D printing pens market is new to the people but it has different choices you can get a pen from low to high range. I hope the above list provided helps you to find your best 3D pen within your budget and requirements.

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