Em Dash Mac – How to Make an Em Dash on Mac

Em Dash Mac – No one likes more than I do an em-dash — I put an em-dash on something. It”s a great grammatical device, actually. You may use it to control the writing speed, to draw further emphasis to a point, to provide more detail without cluttering a word. It”s just a blessing to write — and you can use it completely.

Em Dash Mac - How to Make an Em Dash on Mac

Em Dash Mac – How to Make an Em Dash on Mac

Unfortunately, the em-dash — and, incidentally, the en-dash (–) — is not popular enough to deserve its own place on the keyboard. You” ll have to take a workaround, instead. The issue is that shortcuts differ across operating systems.

We are here to help no worries. This is how to use em-straps and en-straps on Mac and Windows systems.


Admittedly, Mac makes em- and en-dashes easier to use than Windows does. There”s a pretty easy workaround that operates by itself on laptops and macOS desktop computers.

You may need to click the Alt key and the Minus key at the same time to type in an en-dash. That is it, you have an en-dash (–) now.

The em-dash functions similarly — it only needs one additional element. For an em-dash keep down Alt + Move + Zero. Boom, it is.

Pretty simple, huh? On Windows Now.

Depending on the type of work you” re doing on your Mac, an em dash may be a symbol you often or rarely need at all. There are two ways to get an em dash or its shorter equivalent to show on a computer, much as any other symbols: using a shortcut keyboard or the Special Character row.

Keyboard Shortcut:

To code an em dash, keep down the Shift and Alternative buttons, and click the Minus key. Double-click the Hyphen key and hold Office.

Lockdown the En Dash alternative key and press the Minus key.


Windows appears to be a little less welcoming to dash admirers, however, things have become stronger since the introduction of its own emoji keyboard — it even has a very easy workaround for em and en-dashes built into it.

To access the emoji keyboard, press both the Win key and the dot (.) at the same time.

Navigate to the Symbols tab at the top of the keyboard (the omega icon).

The en- and em-dashes will be positioned at the bottom of the keyboard.

You just finished!

Another alternative is to use the codes Alt. But, there is a catch: Alt codes on laptop keyboards do not always function. That was the case for the Razer Blade which I”ve been checking lately.

Lockdown the Alt key for an em-dash, click 0151, then release the Alt key. This is it!

Hold down the Alt key and click 0150 for an En-dash, then release the Alt key. Pretty simple, huh?

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Okay, it is. Now you know how to use Mac and Windows en- and em-straps.

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