Yourphone.exe Windows 10 – Can I Disable or Remove It?

Yourphone.exe Windows 10 – In case you worry-as many of our readers do-YourPhone.exe is not a worm, but a legitimate Microsoft mechanism by which you can link your phone to the Software of your Laptop.

Yourphone.exe Windows 10

Yourphone.exe Windows 10 – Can I Disable or Remove It?

YourPhone is one of those background applications you can quickly miss because, for example, you don’t want to send SMS messages from your Windows 10 screen.

Nevertheless, the app may chew down a bit of your RAM so if you’re not interested in synchronizing photos between your mobile and your laptop, you might want to do something about it. See our solutions below for safe removal or simply turning off the app.

Yourphone.exe Windows 10

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Many users have asked what Windows 10 is about the YourPhone.exe file. This is, as some might assume now, a Your Phone mechanism this sends updates to Windows desktops from mobiles. Rest assured that this is generally not a suspicious program.

Your computer is a Windows 10 1903 UWP device. That’s an app from Microsoft that synchronizes Windows 10 for Android and iOS tablets. This helps users to synchronize images through computers operating Windows 10, iOS, and Apple. Additionally, users can use Your Phone to send text messages from Windows 10 desktop or laptop. Thus, the Windows app integrates mobile devices.

What is phone EXE?

Phone.exe is an interactive file that binds your handset to Windows 10 and helps you to make Internet calls. It’s a Windows method that’s legal and not ransomware, and it doesn’t affect the Mac. If you are searching for protection against cyber-attacks, we recommend you install an antivirus package.

How do I use phone.EXE?

Open the Context settings from the Start menu and drop down to the Your Phone window (or move to the Preferences tab first if the main screen does not include the feature). Toggle the Your Phone bar to on to allow.

How do I delete phone EXE?

The Your Phone can be uninstalled via PowerShell. To run it as administrator, select the scripting framework from the Start menu and right-click it on. Type the command: Microsoft. YourPhone Get-AppxPackage -All Users Remove-AppxPackage and click Enter.

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So, in Windows 10, this is how users can disable the YourPhone.exe file. Users may also switch off other UWP device processes to free up machine resources almost the same.

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