How to Undo on Mac – Undo or Redo changes in Pages on Mac

How to Undo on Mac – Undo is nothing but the interaction technique used in documentation. It erases the last action from your document and converts it into another state. undo helps to negate the last command and edit your document. It’s easy to perform undo on the mac. You can undo recent changes you make to files documents or any forms.

How to Undo on Mac – Undo or Redo changes in Pages on Mac

How to Undo on Mac - Undo or Redo changes in Pages on Mac

Methods of How to Undo on Mac

There are two ways to perform this operation on mac the first one is by using keyboard shortcuts and the second one is by using the main menu. you can use any of one method from that the result will be the same. you can use this operation multiple times to perform undo. whenever you can undo the changes the excel or word file moves one step back. if you getting any trouble then you can press F11 for full screen and then you can perform the undo operation.

The Ability of Mac Device

Basically, every mac device has the ability to perform the undo operation. Undo operation is nothing but the change in the last performed action. If you have different categories of mac like Mac OS, Mac OS x there is no issue with that, you can still perform undo with the keyboard shortcuts.  The beginning of the Macintosh experiences the shortcuts of the mac keyboard is the same so there is no issue with that.

The common functions commands of undo are done at the user’s end. The simple way to perform the undo operation on a mac is by using the keyboard shortcut is Command + Z. This is a universal digital keyboard shortcut. With the help of Command + Z, you can change and remove the last action. For that, you just have to press commands and the Z button together.

Other Shortcuts Used Are

There is also another keyboard shortcut for undo is Alt + Backspace in key bindings. After that the last activity or action will be undone on mac. for quick access go to the toolbar and click the arrow which is next to undo and then select the particular action that you want to undo, then all of the selected actions are reverted.

The second way to perform the undo operation is by using the main menu. For that, you have to pull down the edit menu and select undo. After that, the last action will be undone on your mac device. Make sure that which keys you used to undo. If you undo the changes and then edit the document then you will be no longer able to redo and undo.

Also, you can repeat the action by using F4 and you can also reverse more than one action. You can also click on the repeat button which is present in the upper left corner of the screen. There is a new feature available in mac so that if you accidentally save the file or folder in another location then Undo can help you in it.

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Just simply press undo which is available in it and then the file or folder will go back to the respected location.

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