How to Remove Dropbox from Mac – Full Removal Guide

How to Remove Dropbox from Mac – To remove dropbox from Mac you have two methods first one is removing manually and the second one is removing the dropbox using utility or applications. You can also remove your dropbox account or delete that account.

How to Remove Dropbox from Mac

How to remove dropbox from Mac

If you want to delete your Dropbox account then visit the dropbox accounts deletion tool on your Mac. Then a message appears and asks you want to delete your Dropbox account. After that enter your dropbox password. As an option tell dropbox why you are leaving and click on the Delete my account to proceed with account deletion.

How to Remove Dropbox from Mac?

The first method is you can remove it manually. If your dropbox is open then quit the dropbox using this way, click on its icon which is in the menu bar then go to settings and then quit. After that go to the application folder and remove the application from the trash. Then your folder which contains all remaining files can also be trashed.

Sometimes this method cannot work as the system says that it’s impossible as the app is bound to the application account. But even after unbinding the account and then removing the dropbox folder with all the files. If you want to remove the files in your dropbox folder from the hard drive then drag your drop bloc folder to the trash. This will deflect your dropbox folder which presents in a local folder.

Other Methods to Remove Dropbox from Mac

The second method is removing the dropbox using tools. There is particular software available for this. The name of the software is “App Cleaner and Uninstaller” which allows you to remove dropbox from your device cleaner also allows you to manage the different extensions. With the help of a single click, it can disable the unwanted Mac start-ups programs.

at first, quit your dropbox application. After that launch the app cleaner and then search out dropbox on it. When you find the application just click on that and select the delete option. Then delete it.

After that, the data of an application is completely deleted from your device. If you are afraid of loose any other file or you oust any other file then you can get that file from vain. The services are basically cloud-based so if you want to install dropbox again then you can restore all your data.

If you are having an issue while removing dropbox then go to utilities and go to applications which is available on it. Then open the activity monitor. In that find the lines say dropbox. Then click on the x to force you to quit an application. Repeat this for each line that is saying dropbox and then try to uninstall dropbox again.

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Optional method to remove the dropbox is to open the finder then select go to a folder then press shift + command + G. Or just simply go menu. Then the dialog box is appearing. Now copy and paste the ~/. dropbox into the box and then press the return key. After that remove the dropbox application in systems settings then selects all files in the folder and drag and drop them into the trash.

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