How to Create a Folder on Mac OS X with Keyboard 2024

How to Create a Folder on Mac – If you want to save your files is the specific location of your Mac device then you needed a folder. In folders, you can save any type of files, movies, documents, pdf, etc. Folders are the main tool that you have used for organizing things.

How to Create a Folder on Mac OS X

How to create a folder on Mac

The folder is organized content in which we can save our tasks. You can create multiple folders on your device and assign them with the name you want.

How to Create a Folder on Mac?

If you need any important files or documents then the folder helps you. creating different folders saves your time when you need a specific type of content and also folders keep your desktop organized and manageable. After creating a folder assign name to your folder then put files in it and save that folder at any location of the device. If you want to create a folder on the desktop then go to the desktop screen and create a new folder.

Other ways to create a folder on Mac

To create a folder on Mac, make sure that you are not working in an open application for that just click on the background area of your screen. After that in OS X, the navigation bar clicks on the file and selects a new folder. You can also create a folder with the help of keyboard shortcuts. You need to press “Shift + Command + N”. when you see the create a new folder command on your screen then click on that new folder and press the return key.

Enter a name you want to give to the folder and then press return again to save your folder. Now your folder is created and you can save it any location you want. Now put some documents or files in that newly created folder.

To move your folder from one location to another location then just click and drag on the folder and move it to any location. If you need to create a folder on a folder then also you can create it. you can use the same keyboard shortcut shift+command+N to create a folder on a folder.

Another way to create a folder on your Mac is to click on the Finder icon which is in the dock to open a finder window. Then navigate it to the location in which you are going to create a folder. Then select the file and tap on the new folder. Then enter the name you want to locate to the folder and click on return.

Now your folder is created. If the command is dimmed like you can’t create a folder in the current location then choose another location for saving the folder.

Merging the Folders Together

If you had a folder with the same name but in a different location then you can merge them together into a single folder. For that on your Mac device press and hold to the option key, then select and drag one folder to the location in which another folder with the same name is located.

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After that in dialogue it appears, then click on merge. You can also create a smart folder on Mac for that go to the finder icon then select the file and create a new smart folder.

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