– Activate Walmart CapitalOne Card – Walmart Capital One Card is that card that would help you in getting rewards or cashback for most of your expenses starting from your daily grocery expenses to your travel bookings and many more. – Activate Walmart CapitalOne Card

Walmart is a multifunctional retail company that has all the needful products starting from groceries, books, clothing, toys, and many other essential things. Walmart can be a solution to all of your needs. The company is an American-based company.

The Walmart capital one card is introduced by two companies coming together. - Activate Walmart CapitalOne Card

The companies are Walmart and Capital. Capital One is one of the largest financial corporations in the United States. Capital one has an experience of more than 25 years in the field of giving financial services in the same place Walmart is also quite experienced in the retail industry.

Walmart is servicing for more than 50 years now. – CapitalOne Card

Getting this card provides you many beneficial things. The card makes sure that you get exciting rewards for most of your eligible expenses. Some of the important benefits are mentioned down:

  • You will get a welcome cashback of 2% on your very first pick-up products from the store. From the total amount, you will be getting 2% back thus you will be needed to pay only the rest of it.
  • After activating your card for the very first year or for the first 12 months. You will be receiving 5% cashback for all of your expenses specifically from the stores. The offer is valid only for the first 12 months of your card activation.
  • For your grocery expenses, you will be receiving 5% cashback. It is applicable for all of your groceries and pickups.
  • If you love traveling or if you travel often then this card is a must-have in your pocket. A card will provide you with 2% cashback. The card will also provide you a cashback of 2% for every restaurant or for your dining bills.
  • A card will also help you in getting at least 1% of cashback for your needful purchases other than the above-mentioned.
  • The card will always offer you exciting offers and cashback but it will ask you for any fees like transaction fees, or any sort of annual charges, or any foreign fees for your transaction.

If you already own a Walmart Capital One card but don’t have the idea of how to activate it. You have visited the right space.

We have explained in a detailed manner how you can do it within the shortest time. You can activate your card using the online method or by taking the help of their customer service. Both the ways are convenient and fully explained online:

For this method, you need to have good internet connectivity and an electronic device of your choice. The device can be your smartphone, laptop, or any other. Kindly keep your personal information or your personal identification handy before starting the activation procedure.

The steps for activating your Walmart Capital One is as follows:

  1. Open up your browser on your device. Then type down the Walmart capital one activation web address in the search bar. The webpage address of the Walmart capital one activation site is Once you have typed it down click on the search button.
  2. After the first step, it will directly lead you to the webpage of activation. You will be asked to fill necessary details of your Walmart capital one card, you will be also asked about personal information for identification purposes.
  3. The data you need to provide is your account number, your social security number, your name, your date of birth, your credit number along with some other necessary information.
  4. After you have provided all the information check twice before proceeding. Then click or tap on activate the card option available. The data will be processed and in a short while, you will receive a notification message ensuring you that your card is successfully activated. Thus, you can start using your card.

Activate your Walmart Capital one card with the help the customer care:

If you ever issue while activating your card through the website then you can easily move to the other convenient option of activating your card that is through the customer care service. You would be asked about your card details along with the information of your identification.

They will carry out the process in the backend and thus will activate your card. Below down we have mentioned all the necessary steps that are required for the activation of your card:

Walmart Capital One customer care number – 18005555555

  1. You need to dial up the given customer care number on your cell phone. After you dial in, within a fraction of a second a representative of customer care will get your call.
  2. The representative will ask you for your details like your name, your card details like your card number your card CVV number which will be present on your card.
  3. After you have successfully given the correct information to the customer care service person they will take up your card activation process in the backend. After the activation process is done successfully you will be receiving a notification assuring you that your card is activated successfully. You can now start using your Walmart capital one card.


Walmart capital one card only accept user whose age is above 18+. It is one of the best cards to have with you as provides you rewards in terms of different cashback. For any further issues, you can also connect to their customer care number.

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They will help you in solving all of your issues. You need to American based to apply for the card. You can apply for your Walmart capital one card online and also by visiting their respective stores. Both the procedure are easy to access.

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