– Shop Your Way Mastercard – SYW stands for shop your way card. It is a card introduced by Citibank. This card is introduced to make your shopping profitable and easy at the same time. It is a MasterCard that helps the cardholder to get various rewards.

Shop your way cardholder can even get rewards by doing their normal grocery shopping at Kmart. The card rewards for the everyday purchases that you make, even for the small ones. – Shop Your Way Mastercard – Shop Your Way Mastercard

The card giveaway small reward points for every small purchase even, the reward points can redeem and can be used for some extra discounts in malls like Kmart or any other place like Sears.

If you are wondering about how to activate your card. We hear you, you can easily activate your shop your card being at your comfort place itself. Getting a shop way card is quite beneficial. The card comes with lots of benefits. All the benefit that you can grab on by this card is mentioned down in a detailed manner.

Get to know the benefits of the shop your way (SYW) card

  1. The first and yet advantage of getting a shop your way card by Citibank will be that there are no hidden or no fee charges that can be charged to the cardholder. Most of the cards do have annual charges but this card stands out there. It fits in your pocket smoothly without any extra headache.
  2. They are many people who need to visit the gas station frequently for their needs. And if you are one of those then this card will lucky charm to have on. The gas station will provide you 5% points of your shop your card on your needful purchases.
  3. Your grocery expenses and also your restaurant expenses can help you out in getting almost 3% of points in your shop your way card. Thus, you can get extra credits by just doing your regular shopping and meals.
  4. Stores like Kmart and also like Sear can help you in getting a 2% credit score on your shop your way card.
  5. Other than all of these points your shop your way card can provide you 1% points on any of your entitled purchases.
  6. You have your golden 30 days right from the day you activate your shop your way card. In those 30 days if you could spend 50$ through your entitled purchases via your shop your way card then there will come up a chance for you to get a 40$ credit in your shop your way card. Rewards

Activate within the shortest time span by following the detailed steps. You can activate your shop your way card in the simplest way and within a few minutes itself. There are two convenient and simple ways through which you can easily activate your card. The first way would be by visiting their website and the other easy way can be by taking up their great customer service. Both the ways are explained to you in a fully detailed manner.

SYW Accountonline – Online Activation Shop Your Way Card

For activating your card online you must a good connection to the internet and a must-have electronic device that can be your phone, laptop, Pc or maybe your tablet whichever is convenient to you. Look at the data speed of your internet before beginning with the following steps:

  1. Open the browser in your specific electronic device for example your smartphone. After the browser window is opened type down the website address of the shop your way card. The website address is to activate your card. After you have typed it down click down on the enter button or tap on the search icon. It will then proceed to the given webpage.
  2. After the page is opened, in the second step you will be asked for certain data of your shop your way card which is necessary to take you further. The first thing that will be asked to you is your card details like your card number which is present on the front side of your card itself.
  3. For the 3rd step, you need to fill in your personal details or your identification which is highly essential for the activation of your card. You will be asked your name. Before you fill the space make sure that the name you will mention is the same as the name written on the card otherwise it won’t be considered valid.
  4. In this step, you will fill the security code number of your shop your way card.
  5. After you have filled in all the details, kindly go through them twice before submitting them. Once you have checked click or tap on the verify button. The website will then verify it from the backend.
  6. Once it gets verified you can successfully complete the procedure. In a short while, you will be receiving a notification from the company which will let you know that your account is verified.

Activate easily your SYW Accountonline Card by today through your mobile phone

There may be chances that you are not able to finish your activation process via online mode then you can opt for this method. Here for activating your card you need to call their customer care toll-free number. The customer service person will take you further, you will be asked about the details that are needed for the activation process. Before making the call get your documents handy like your card and your personal identification document. The steps are mentioned down right after the toll-free number.

Customer care number – 1-877-816-9063

  1. Dial in the given number. One of the respective service persons will take your call.
  2. In the next step, you would be asked for your SYW card number which is present on the front side of your SYW card. You will also be asked to provide information like your name, age, etc. Kindly give the right information as per the card.
  3. Once you have provided the information, they will activate your card from their end and you will be receiving the notification message within 2-3 hours.

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Shop your way card is a good and profitable initiative by Citi bank that helps out help in getting extra credit by just spending for their essentials, activate.syw.account online. This card is only applicable for people who are above 18 and for people who are permanent or legal residents of the United States.

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