How to Open RAR Files on Mac – ‎Zip Files Unarchiver on Mac

How to Open RAR Files on Mac – On one Mac machine, there are several options to exchange files: AirDrop, a Google Drive archive, Dropbox, and more.

The Roshal Archive Compressed (RAR) file format is particularly useful if you want to transfer or obtain a large volume of files via email or web download.

How to Open RAR Files on Mac – ‎Zip Files Unarchiver on Mac

How to open RAR on a Mac with The Unarchiver app?

How to open rar files on mac

You won’t click on a RAR file and automatically open it – you’ll need software to reverse the encoding of the file and you can access the files inside. Luckily, there are several online applications that do it.

Here’s how to access a RAR file on a Mac device using The Unarchiver software:

  1. Go to the App Store to have The Unarchiver update. This is a download that is secure.
  2. Once the update ends, the device will ask you to launch it. A screen will show where you will be able to pick the file categories you want The Unarchiver to access. You have already picked the most popular forms.
  3. Click the Extraction tab and select how the software would treat the folder that was generated when you open a RAR file.
  4. The Unarchiver icon will appear on your RAR page. If not, right-click on the script, select Open With and choose The Unarchiver.
  5. Double-click the file of .rar.
  6. The Unarchiver should open a file window, where you can pick your RAR extraction folder’s destination tab. You have the option of making a new folder too.
  7. When you have selected the location of your tab, press the Extract button at the bottom right of the browser.
  8. Your RAR file is now an archive, so all the data that were packed into the RAR will be open to you.

After opening your RAR tab, the data inside should work much like normal data. You may transfer them to other directories, copy them and delete them if you have the right program.

Open RAR files on your Mac from the Finder

If a .rar file has been saved to the Finder, double-click it to access it. You will show any or all of the contents after it has been opened by clicking the files and pressing Command+Y.

Take certain measures to unzip the contents: Press the Unzip icon.

From the drop-down screen, pick this Laptop, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive to unzip your files.

A window labeled “Finder type” should open. You will browse to the folder you want to move the data to.

Option to unzip the List Objects or Entire Zip tab. You may also pick Display unzipped products in Finder.

Another choice will be to press the button New Tab. Then enter the name of the file and press Build.

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You can right-click (or hold CTRL and click) your protected RAR files with WinZip for Mac 2.0 or later, and use the Context Menu to unzip them. At the bottom of the Context screen, click on Utilities, then pick Unzip.

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