How to Find Mac Address – Get Mac Address with Commands

How to Find Mac Address – A special hardware ID named the “MAC” (or Media Access Control) address is given by every network computer or app, including the Wi-Fi adapter for your desktop. The MAC address for your network card can be located in Windows 10 in a few measures.

You might consider your MAC address, also known as the physical address or hardware address, for a variety of reasons. For eg, once you set up your router, you can assign devices to link to the network based on their MAC addresses by utilizing a MAC address filter.

How to Find Mac Address – Get Mac Address with Commands

Another explanation is that your router lists the wired devices with your MC address so you want to find out which system it is, and that it may not have a simple means of protecting your network because MAC addresses can be quickly altered or spoofed.

Fortunately, Windows 10 lets you locate your MAC address quickly with either your command prompt or with your network adapter settings information.

How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 10 with the Command Prompt?

How to find mac address

The best approach is by asking the command to locate the MAC URL.

  1. Activate the trigger button. In the taskbar scan for “command prompt” or you can right-click on the Start button and pick the command prompt in the menu if you have an older version of Windows.
  2. Join and click in ipconfig /all. Your network setup would be shown.
  3. Find the email address of your adapter. Scroll up to your network adapter and check for your MAC address past “Internal Location”.

How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 10 in the Network Connection Settings

The MAC address can also be identified by searching in Windows for the name of your network adapter.

  1. Check for and click on the “Taskbar Display Network Status and Activities.” Network and Internet > Network and Networking Hub (or search by Control Panel) 2. 2. Tap on the links to your network.
  2. Click on the button “Details”.
  3. Find email location. Find a digital location. The meaning for the Network Data window’s physical address is your MAC address.

macOS X:

When Wifi is paired, it’s better to retain the “Choice” button and click on the wireless icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen to find this detail in MacOS X. The choice key also provides swift access to status details in Mac OS X, elsewhere.

You can see the IP of your Mac next to “Internet address.” Further details about your wireless network and the IP address of your router can be available here.

You will still obtain this detail by opening the Apple menu and navigating to System Preferences > Network, irrespective of whether the link is wireless or wired. You can find the IP address information on the “TCP / IP” page and the MAC address on the “Device” column. Choose your network link, and then select “Advanced”.

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In this way, you can find the mac address from anywhere.

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