Gmail App Crashing? 8 Quick Way Fixes

Gmail App Crashing – Emails have become an important part of most professional and formal communication. Gmail is one of the most used email apps. However, due to certain bugs, your Gmail app could be crashing frequently and interrupting the important online exchanges which could lead you to a fair amount of trouble. Well, not to worry, because we have you covered. Do not panic, and follow through with these methods to fix your Gmail crashing.

Why Does the Gmail App Crashing?

There could be quite a few reasons why your Gmail app stops working or keeps crashing.

Gmail App Crashing 8 Quick Way Fixes

Firstly the Google workspace itself could be down. Or maybe your internet connection might not be strong enough at that moment. Another reason for the app crashing could be due to your cache files getting corrupted. Among other reasons, your app might not be up to date with the latest version of it. You might also have a lack of storage space, or there might be a bug in the current update. Any of these reasons could be causing your app to fail.

However, not to worry, let’s get into the methods that can be used to fix this issue. Any one of these methods should definitely work.

Methods of Fixing the Gmail App Crashing

  • 1) Re-start the Gmail App:

The first way of fixing this crashing problem is by restarting your Gmail App. In order to do this, you can try the force stop method on your phone. To do this, first, go to the settings on your phone and then look for apps. There, locate Gmail and then click on force stop the app.

You could also try rebooting the phone. To do this, long-press on your phone power button to access the reboot option, and then reboot the phone. Once you do this, the app should be working fine.

2)Checking Google Workspace status:

If the previous method did not help you, then this is another method. You can try to fix the Gmail App by Checking your Google Workspace status. To do this go to the Google Workspace dashboard and check Gmail status. If the app is down, there is not much to do. Try out the other methods here then.

  • 3) Clear Cache:

Often, excess cached files can cause the system to slow down, making applications on the phone crash. To fix this problem, go to the phone settings once more. There, click on storage and then on apps. Once you get there, click on Gmail. Then, press the clear cache option. Then, go back to see if the app is working or not. This could fix your issue.

  • 4) Uninstall App:

The next method that you can use to fix the problem of your Gmail app crashing is by uninstalling the app. To do so, you can long-press the Gmail icon on your phone display. Once you do that, a cross will appear on the top of your screen. Drag the Gmail icon to that cross and the app will get uninstalled. After that, simply re-install the app again from the Google Play Store to see if it is working fine or not.

  • 5) Update the Gmail App:

The next method you can use if all other methods do not work to fix this issue is by updating your app to the latest version of it. Often, having the older version of an app can lead to the app slowing down and hence crashing. In order to prevent this, first, go to the Google Playstore and then look for the Gmail app. Once you find it, click on the update option. then, wait for a minute while your app update is installed. Check now if the app is back to working smoothly.

  • 6) Removing and adding back your Gmail Account:

The next method you can use to fix your Gmail app crash problem is by removing your Gmail account from the app. Sometimes, this can help to refresh things and make things work smoothly again. The use this method, all you need to do is first go to the Gmail app and launch it. Once you launch it, click on the side drop-down menu on Gmail and then click on settings. Then, from there, click on the manage accounts options on the sidebar. Then, you will be able to see all the accounts that you are logged into on your device. Remove these accounts from the phone App. Then, add them back again to the phone app. This method might just work and bring back your Gmail app to function again.

  • 7) Clear Phone Storage:

Sometimes, when phone storage is clogged up with files and more, one’s phone can hang or crash easily. Maybe your issue is not due to the App malfunctioning, but your phone. Hence, to remedy this, first got to the phone settings. Then, look for the phone storage. Look through your storage to see what files can you eliminate to free up more space. This might just fix your issue.

  • 8) Update Android System Web View:

The Android System web view on your phone might not be up to date, leading to a lagging of your phone apps. To change this, first, go to the Google Play Store, and then look for the Android Web View app. After that, update this app there. After that, restart your phone to see if now your Gmail app is working.


Gmail is an extremely important app for most people, and the Gmail app not working could lead to some serious losses or trouble for someone. However, it is nothing that can’t be fixed. Just follow the directions given in this article. Any one of the methods is bound to work for your Gmail app crashing as well.

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Gmail App Crashing FAQs

  • Q – My app seems to be working fine, but I am not getting Gmail notifications. How to fix that?

Answer – This is usually an issue caused due to the account not being synced on your phone. Check through the Gmail settings if your emails are synced or not.

  • Q – Do old Gmail emails get deleted?

Answer – No, old mails do not get deleted.

  • Q – Can I join google meetings from my Gmail app?

Answer – Yes, nowadays, you can take Google Meetings right from your Gmail app.

  • Q – Can deleted emails be recovered on Gmail?

Answer – If you have not completely deleted it from the app, then you can recover the mails within 30 days. After that, the emails cannot be recovered any longer.

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