Windows could not Configure one or more System Components

Windows could not Configure one or more System Components – This error code ‘Windows does not install one or more components of the program applies to users operating Windows on their machines, and it happens while attempting to upgrade their PCs to the new Windows version.

Windows could not Configure one or more System Components

It has not supported anybody given the desire for a turnaround, so people are looking for a viable alternative. We have decided to compile the most effective ideas that have really benefited users online and show them in depth. Good luck with solving the question!

What triggers Windows could not configure one or more system components windows 10?

Windows could not configure one or more system components

If you want to stay away from this annoying error code there are several things to look out for. Here’s the full list: Defective or incomplete keys used to encrypt the AES provider’s configuration shop.

Wireless drivers (or drivers in general) are old and rusty.

Faulty or misconfigured Internet Information Services device that has to be uninstalled.

Remove Certain Files from Your Computer:

If the keys that IIS (Internet Information Server) uses for your device to encrypt the configuration store utilizing the AES Service are absent or compromised in any way, otherwise the instantiation of the system may fail.

As the Window 10 installer may still try to update IIS (Internet Information Server), and this fails, the installation fails and will be carried backward. Deleting those files from your machine is the best way to solve this problem. They are recreated once you run the installer on Windows 10.

Try Using the Media Creation Tool:

When an upgrade for Windows 10 was published and you wanted to install it the usual route until you received the error message, you may want to find an approach that involves of utilizing the Windows Media Development Tool. It is a file that you can access from the official website of Microsoft. After you download it, you will be given the option to upgrade Windows to the new build.

Download the executable Media Development Program from Microsoft website and wait to complete the update. Double-click the downloaded file called MediaCreationTool.exe in your Downloads folder to access the software. Tap On the first computer Embrace.

windows could not configure one or more system components

  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 1903
  • 1809
  • 1803
  • 1709

Pick the alternative “Upgrade this Machine now” by allowing the radio button to start, then press the Next icon. The device can import some data, search for changes, and review your Computer to see if it’s available.

If you choose to start with the installation and wait again to connect with Microsoft for notifications (again) acknowledge the license terms from the next tab.

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You will still see the Ready to update the screen after that with Download Windows and Keep mentioned personal files and application choices. This has been automatically picked because you already run Windows 10, so you want to retain it. The upgrade will now continue so that your machine is patched once the device has completed the operation and the error will no longer occur.

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