Top 11 Trusted Flutter App Development Firms

Flutter addresses a long-standing issue with hybrid apps that numerous app developers confront. It frees developers from having to create two unique smartphone versions before submitting them to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Because of its rapid development cycles, customizable components, and appealing user interfaces, Flutter has quickly become a top choice for many firms looking to build mobile apps that work across platforms. Many entrepreneurs are using this system to create online applications. 

Top 11 Trusted Flutter App Development Firms

Top Flutter App Development Firms

The Top 10 Flutter App Development Firms in India are as follows:

1. Retech Infoways

Reytech Infoways Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, is an admiringly viewed company specializing in Custom Web Development and Mobile App Development. Famed as a leading global technology partner for mid-sized organizations, the firm provides end-to-end software solutions that foster efficiency, cut costs, and propel innovation. The reliable team of passionate professionals is dedicated to providing creative answers and ensuring excellent client outcomes. With comprehensive expertise in Software Development, Product Development, and myriad industries, they cater to both small and large corporations. Guided by a dedication to technological advancement, Reytech Infoways excels in projects promptly, remaining ahead in the ever-evolving tech domain.

2. Interexy

  • Interexy is based in Miami and has a European developer center. Interexy can create a faultless mobile app that offers an expressive user experience using Flutter. As a Flutter app creation business, native apps with appealing user interfaces.
  • They offer relevant maintenance and support solutions to ensure high-quality apps and fulfill your business objectives. Contribute to the enhancement of design quality and mobile application performance.

3. Netguru

  • Netguru is a well-known digital product development company that has transformed the way people listen to music, study languages, and hire bikes. They have a staff of skilled and trustworthy Flutter app developers.
  • Netguru’s expertise will assist you in delivering multi-platform Flutter apps so that you may attain your desired goals in a competitive online market.

4. Miquido

  • Miquido has been in the app development service sector for over 9 years. It is a Google-certified application development firm that has created hundreds of Flutter-based mobile and web applications for clients all around the world.
  • Professionals can develop our ideas into unique and robust applications for mobile devices and the Internet at a reasonable cost.

5. Yakka

  • Yakka, based in New York, was started in 2003 and specializes in generating user-interactive content. The firm has years of expertise in designing mobile-based applications for well-known companies worldwide.
  • They also create flutter apps to fulfill the rising demands of its global clientele. They are best renowned for providing planned, high-quality, and robust offerings employing cutting-edge technology.

6. Intelivita

  • Intelivita is the only Flutter app development company that specializes in Android mobile applications, Google Flutter application development SDK, and iOS with a single code structure.
  • They offer numerous benefits and new features such as Single Coding centered Material Design in Berkeley and the capital of Cleaner Evaluation, Easy to Adopt, Better User Experience, and many more.

7. Technolab Kody

  • Kody Technolab, situated in India, is the world’s best flutter app creation firm. They are well-known for dynamic award-winning apps, the greatest software development solutions, and on-time delivery at a low cost. 
  • They have several advantages, including libraries and detailed documentation.

8. GeekyAnts

  • Geekyants is a top flutter app development company that provides high-quality service at an affordable price. 
  • They were established in 2006. The firm also has offices in the United Kingdom and London. The company’s clientele includes well-known corporate titans, both large and small.

9. Singsys

  • Singsys is a Singapore-based firm that was founded in 2009. It is a rapidly expanding business that provides smartphone, tablet, and mobile application services with WWDC-trained iOS professionals. 
  • They have solid ethics, cutting-edge technology, and hands-on expertise that has allowed us to collaborate with some of the world’s most known large corporations.


  • Brainmobi is a growth, design, and consulting organization situated in Noida, India, that was launched in 2015. They create a fantastic flutter app creation team in addition to gaming and mobile app development.
  • They have several advantages such as interloping abilities, cross-platform capabilities, agility, and many more.

11. Appinventive

  • Appinventive is a top flutter app development company with professional Dart programmers. 
  • They have several advantages such as the code base, flexible UI, access to the original code, faster code written form, and many more.


These are the top ten most dependable flutter app development businesses globally. You can select the best option based on your requirements and projected budget.


  • Why Flutter for Mobile Application Development?

Google’s Flutter serves as a UI toolkit for developing next-generation, dynamic native applications. You may create cross-platform apps using its type code once capability.

  • What is the daily wage of a Flutter application programmer in India?

An average Flutter developer earns $100,000 per year/$15 per hour in India. However, most skilled authors may make approximately $ 21,000 each year.

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