Snipping Tool for Mac Shortcut – Best Tool for Screenshot

Snipping Tool for Mac – Snipping tool is the easiest way to take a screenshot. It contains the features like capture mode such as Free-from Snip, Window Snip, Full-Screen Snip, and Rectangular Snip. This app also contains a pen and highlighters, which are beneficial in adding marks.

Snipping Tool for Mac Shortcut – Best Tool for Screenshot

Snipping Tool for Mac Shortcut [ Best Tool for Screenshot 2019 ]

Why a Screenshot is Required?

You require a screenshot to troubleshoot a problem in your Mac; instead of trying to describe what you are, facing you can mail its screenshot. It relieves you from the stress of trying to describe what is going on. It also helps you to understand get a better understanding of the issue from afar.

Is there any Snipping Tool for Mac?

No, the Snipping tool supports only Windows OS and is not supported by Mac. If you recently switched from Windows to Mac, you might be missing this feature. Do not worry! You can get many programs there that can serve as a Snipping Tool alternative for Mac.

How do you take Screenshots on Mac?

Snipping tools are useful you have some shortcut keys built into Mac OS that allows you to do many functions.

  1. By using Command+ Shift 3 you can take a screenshot of the whole screen.
  2. Using Command+Shift 4 gives you a crosshair to drag around the desktop in order to create a box image.
  3. Command+ Shift 4+Space take a screenshot of a particular window.
  4. Command+Shift 3+Control copy that screenshot into the clipboard.

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Snipping Tool for Mac Shortcut [ Best Tool for Screenshot 2019 ]

Snipping tool for Mac?


It is a premium snipping tool available with a lot of power. This tool is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. Snagit specializes in capturing screenshots, scrolling screens, creating animated gifs and video stills.

Features of Snagit

  1. It is fast and easy to use the tool.
  2. It offers a wide range of flexible options that help you to set up your screenshot the way you like.
  3. You can edit the image, effects of the image, and magnify a particular element.
  4. You can create steps, stamps and add texts.

Simply you can say it is a quite powerful little tool.

2. Grab

Grab is a built-in utility that is included in every OS X running device. It is comparable to Windows Snipping Tool as it contains various modes like Selection, Screen, Window, and Timed screen.

Feature of Grab

  • Simple to use.
  • Various screen capture modes.
  • Available without any cost.
  • The captured images can be automatically saved in TIFF format.
  • Using the “Preview” app you can save it in other formats.

3. Skitch

It is a well-known screen capture program created by Evernote. Skitch can take multiple screenshots easily without any incompatibility issues. It offers screenshot editing and sharing functions.

Features of Skitch

  1. It is a straightforward user interface.
  2. It contains a single-click function.
  3. It has a built-in annotating program.
  4. It contains more functions than the Windows Snipping Tool.
  5. You can easily share the captured screenshots from one person to another via the Internet.


Screencloud is a snipping as well as a sharing tool. It contains the usual drag and select timer and active Windows tools.

Features of Screencloud

  • Using a neat feature you can automatically create a link for each screenshot.
  • You can share the link with others in the cloud.
  • Sharing is optional you can locally save the files to work on them.
  • Simple User Interface and works fast.

Remember Screencloud does not contain many editing and effects tools but for the core task, taking screenshots it works well.

5. Lightshot

This tool is available for Mac as well as Windows which is a capable snipping tool. It contains the tools to select active Windows, drag and select, time select, etc.

Features of Lightshot

  • It contains editing tools to make your image pretty.
  • It has the elements if you want to share your creation over social media.
  • The UI is straightforward.
  • It takes only a few seconds to orient yourself.
  • As you, select your tool of choice and start capturing images.

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There are many programs, which work like Snipping Tool for OS X users. You must check the features of the tool before using it. Selecting the right program allows gives you powerful functions such as uploading and sharing the image online.

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