My Viking Journey – My Viking Journey for River Cruisers

My Viking Journey – One of the greatest ways to really enhance your vacation is by signing up for My Viking Journey. Your cruise paperwork will be sent to you as in the good old days. If we’re being picky, Viking provided each traveler with an informative check-in slip, a leather baggage tag, and standard luggage tags. When he got to the airport, he handed him two huge stickers to put on his shirt. He wouldn’t have to take that step. A sticker wouldn’t make him seem any dumber than he already does.

My Viking Journey

The Vikings’ written history is remarkable. The exciting new bespoke brochure was just launched by the line, and it includes the flights, transfers, hotels, itineraries, deck layouts, and wheelchair-accessible shore excursions that may be arranged by the line.

Benefits & Rewards

  • The Value of My Viking Cruise Experience

If you’ve ever been on a Viking River Cruise, you know what it’s like to join the Explorer Society. Members of the club are entitled to discounts and privileges on all cruises. Among the numerous benefits of Viking’s My Journey are the following:

  • Prestigious Event Invitations

Members of the Viking Explorer Society will be treated to free drinks during the following cruise’s welcome and farewell parties.

  • The primary criteria for picking up new trips

Members of the Viking Explorer Society enjoy priority booking for locations and departure dates, in addition to receiving advance notice of all new ships and itineraries. Don’t miss out on anything by using this list of time-sensitive deals.

  • Exceptional Spoon

If you are the first to know about new Viking Cruises itineraries and ships, you will always have the first pick of available departure dates and locations. You may also choose to get a notice about time-sensitive sales via mail or electronic mail.

  • Discounted Cruises

Viking offers its past passengers shipboard credit to entice them to sail with the firm again. All Viking Ocean cruises are included in the promotion, and you may earn travel credits depending on how long it has been since your last booking.

  • Payouts for References

The Vikings’ diversity makes them straightforward to suggest to others. Viking offers a secure and highly pleasant place for you to rest and focus according to your finding, whether you are traveling alone, with family, or with any closest friends.

My Viking Journey

How to Take My Viking Journey?

The Viking Travel Advisor Portal is an online hub where travel agents may submit paperwork, make payments, and more. For immediate access, simply sign in, or if this is your first time here, register for a brand new advisor account.

If you have a reservation number for a Viking cruise, you may use it to get access to My Viking Journey, a website that will help you organize and personalize your vacation. Creating an account is simple, fast, and secure; all you need is your email address and your reservation number.

Here is a rundown of what must be done in order to sign up for

Track Your Progress Visit My Viking Adventure at.

  • Simply type “” into your browser of choice.
  • There are now two buttons on the screen: “Create Account” and “Login.” To sign up, choose Join Now from the “Create an Account” menu.
  • You may sign up for the service online through the official website.
  • Please identify yourself by entering your reservation number, title, first and last name, and email id.
  • You will need to verify your email address and create a secure password before you can access My Viking Journey.
  • Select the options on the registration page reading “I accept the booking terms” and “Email me about special offers, news, and new flyers from Viking Cruises.”
  • After filling out the form, click the “Create Account” button.

My Viking Journey

About My Viking Journey  Loing

Only Viking travelers may use the private and secure My Viking Journey portal. I’m hoping that after hearing from travelers, Viking will make plans to enhance My Viking Journey. Viking The following are some of the aspects of My Journey:

Allow visitors to see information about prior voyages, but solely as reading material. As the voyage begins, everything disappears and the details of the trip are lost forever. When the cruise begins, the booking service and payment gateway must be disabled.

Incorporate the Viking Daily into My Viking Journey and let travelers share their vacation images, journals, and feedback with the world. People would benefit most from being able to reflect on their daily adventures online, save a copy, and then submit it to Viking.

Mark the appropriate boxes to allow Viking, My Viking Journey members, and the public access to your comments, trip reports, and images.

Forums for each Viking cruise would allow past passengers to share their experiences with “new” passengers and provide tips.


To provide more thoughtful and in-depth cultural experiences when traveling, Viking Travel was established in 1997. To increase its fleet size and capitalize on 40 years of river cruise expertise, the firm acquired the European company KD River Cruises in the year 2000. They purchase extensive pier rights in all of Europe’s main cities.

No one knows where the Vikings came from. Its origin is a matter of conjecture. The name “Viking” originates from Old Norse and means “pirate” or “invader.” The assumption is based on a Viking-era Old Norse word. Since its founding in the early 1970s, Viking Cruises has expanded to become the largest small-ship cruise business in the world.

The firm established a sales and marketing office in Los Angeles, California, in the year 2000, marking its debut on the American market. Each cruise includes a shore excursion at each port as well as an enrichment program that gives passengers a deeper understanding of their location via lectures, culinary demonstrations, port talks, and other activities.

My Viking Journey

My Viking Journey Loing – FAQs

  • Question – Should I bring a credit card with me?

Answer – Your onboard account balance may be paid with a Mastercard, Visa, or American Express at any location that accepts those cards. Credit card payments are not accepted by the vast majority of small and rural enterprises. If you intend on using a credit card while abroad, you should notify your credit card company in advance.

Some foreign ATMs, like B. On-the-go systems, may only take chip and PIN cards, thus your magnetic stripe credit card may not work. For more information, please contact your credit card company.

  • Question – Can Children Accompany the Vikings?

Answer – There are no child-friendly amenities or services available, thus all passengers must be at least 18 years old.

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