Make Editable PDF Files Free on Your Phone

Without a doubt, Portable Document Format (better known as PDF) is one of the best file formats in this universe. From data securing to making the file more compatible – PDFs can be the best format. Businesspeople, teachers, students, bloggers, or anyone who has to deal with files and docs, might be aware of its adaptability. But one feature that PDFs lack is you can’t edit them.

Suppose you are about to share a PDF file and your boss suddenly asks you to remove some particular data from that existing file; how would you edit it? More such situations can put you in the hassles. And that’s why you need to find some easy PDF to Word converting ways to make your files editable on your phone. Well, this guide can help you; read on!

Understanding The Need To Make PDF Files Editable On Phone

Generally, PDF format is designed to lock the words and textual data in one place. It implies you cannot edit it – once you have converted it in PDF format. The reason to make your files editable is to tackle the situations where you need to add or remove data from a file urgently.

Make Editable PDF Files Free on Your Phone

Another reason can be when a student, content creator, a lawyer, or any person in the world needs to copy and paste text out of the document; they can’t. Also, when people want to fill the PDF out with information and return it to you back. They can’t. So, at such a moment making PDF editable is essential. And the best way is to go for PDF to Word conversion because word files can be edited on the go.

Top Rated options for MAC Users To Make PDF Files Editable

As you have learned the basics, you might be looking down for some of the best ways – so you can edit your PDFs on your MAC device – outwardly going through any hassle. Below is an order of madness to introduce you to some excellent ways. Read on!

Use PDF Converter, Reader & Editor App For MAC

One of the best ways to make PDF files editable is using this PDF Converter, Reader & Editor app. This application comes loaded with various functions, such as you can create a new PDF file, read your exciting files, and edit them by converting them to multiple formats. If you don’t have files on your MAC device, you can upload the file utilizing Dropbox or Google Drive from the options available in the menu. Considering this PDF Converter, Reader & Editor app can be a wise option to help you perform multiple functions. These include convert PDF, Lock PDF, Unlock PDF, Split PDF, Merge PDF, Watermark PDF, Rotate PDF, and more. The good thing is this app supports JPG, Word, and PowerPoint files. Select the desired file, upload it up and make it editable.

  • How can iOS Users use this app to make PDFs editable?

iOS users can also use this PDF converter app to convert their PDFs without disputes. This app is an ultimate converter, annotator, merger, editor and can help perform many functions. For making PDFs editable on iOS, users have to select a file from their Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and upload it in the given input bar. After that, they can choose PDF to Word format and enter the convert button to proceed. Once they do that, their files will become editable.

Use Adobe Acrobat

Who doesn’t know the famous and old program living with us since PDFs were created? Well! Many people are aware of this option but don’t exactly know how it can help them edit their PDF files. Adobe Acrobat is a mobile app. Currently, it is the world’s trusted PDF viewer that offers editing features too. It lets you view, share, annotate, add signatures, and more. However, it is also crucial to note that this app is not free of cost. You have to become a pro user to avail of premium features such as editing PDFs, converting and creating PDFs, combining, and organizing.

Use ILovePDF

Yet another excellent way to make files editable on MAC is using Ilovepdf, the best online PDF to Word converter application. It requires no fees, no hassles downloading apps – you can access this application online using your IOS device. As mentioned above, it seems a daunting task to edit a PDF document, but with the help of Word To PDF Converter online, you can make all types of modifications as per your need. Select the desired file, upload it up and make it editable.

Top Ways For Smartphone Users To Make PDFs Editable

Now, it is time to talk about how to help Smartphone users make their PDF files editable on the go. Read on!

Use PDF Converter – PDF to Word

The most incredible way to make PDFs Editable on Android phones – is by considering this PDF Converter for android phones. This app contains many accessible features to help convert a PDF to word file and offers free tools and functions such as PDF split, merge, photo to PDF, and more. With the help of this app, you can zip the PDF and unzip it whenever required. The good thing is this app supports JPG, Word, and PowerPoint files. And is a reliable and secure program to safely and fastly make your PDF Docs editable on Android phones

If you are an Android user and want to use this app to make PDFs editable on the go, you have to download the application and follow a few steps. You need to upload your PDF files by dragging them from the local storage or Google Drive to the given input box and hitting the convert button. Once you do that, your file will be switched from PDF to Word format, and you can edit them easily. Also, this app can work as a Word to PDF converter app, which means you can turn your files again to PDF once you have edited them.

Utilize PDF To Word Converter By Duplichecker via browser

Yet another best way that can urge Android users to say wow is utilizing online tools such as PDF to Word Converter by Duplichecker. It is an online tool that you can access using your favorite browsers. All you need to do is, open your favorite browser, such as Chrome and search for this tool. On the homepage of the tool, you would see different input options. You only have to drag and drop the particular file you want to convert. After that, hit the convert button and let the magic begin.

The PDF to Word converter will convert the file in less than ten seconds, and you will be capable of editing it as per your requirements.

Final Words!

So, readers, this is how you can convert your PDF files and make them editable. We cannot deny that PDFs are a standardized sort of file that makes it easy for a user to share and view documents safely and quickly. But one thing that makes PDF a frustrating element of any official settings is when you need to edit them. The concept of this post is to help you find the best ways to edit your file on any of your phone devices. So, without focusing on any anxious thoughts, you should consider the above methods and add ease to your life.

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