How to Record Video on Mac ( Best Screen Record for Mac )

How to Record Video on Mac – Click Shift + Command + 5 on your keyboard with macOS Mojave to display all the controls you need for filming video and taking still photos on your phone. Use these on-screen controls to choose whether to record the whole frame, record a selected part or catch the screen’s still image.

How to Record Video on Mac ( Best Screen Record for Mac )

If you have not updated Mojave, you should take QuickTime Player to capture the screen.

Record the Entire Screen

How to record video on Mac

Click the complete screen record icon in the controls on the phone. The cursor is turning into a mirror.

To continue capturing the image, press either device or press Record in the onscreen settings.

Using the thumbnail to rectify, post, delete, or other acts.

Record a Selected Portion of the Screen

In onscreen controls, press the Record Selected Portion tab.

Drag to pick the region of the recording device. Drag from inside the list, to transfer the whole range.

Tap on Record in the onscreen controls to continue the video.

Click the Stop Recording button in the menu bar to avoid video. Or click Control-Esc (Escape) button.

Using the thumbnail to rectify, post, delete, or other acts.

Trim, Save, and Share

A preview of the video should appear momentarily in the lower-right corner of your computer when you finish filming.

Do not take action or click the thumbnail to the right, then immediately save the file.

To access the file, click on the thumbnail. Then press the Trim button to cut the video, or press the Sharing button to attach the file.

Drag the thumbnail to shift the record to a certain spot, such as a text, an email, a Finder window, or the Garbage.

For further choices, press the thumbnail. You may, for example, adjust the save place, open the recording in an application or remove the recording without saving it.

Use QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player also has a screen-recording feature so you don’t need to use macOS Mojave.

Open QuickTime Player from your Applications tab, then from the menu bar, pick File > New Screen recording. The Video application window opens.

You should press the arrow next to the Record button to adjust the recording settings before beginning your recording: Pick a microphone to capture your voice or other audio for the screen recording. Change the volume lever (if you get audio input, lower the volume or use headphones with a microphone) and track the audio during recording time.

Pick Screen Mouse Clicks in Recording to reveal a black circle around the cursor as you press on.

Click the Record button to continue recording and then take one of those acts:

To continue capturing the entire video press anywhere on the computer.

Or drag to pick a recording location, then press Begin Recording within that location.

Select the Pause button in the menu bar to avoid recording, or click Command-Control-Esc (Escape) to quit recording.

QuickTime Player can immediately open the recording when you finish playing. Load, edit or transfer the recording now.

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When automatically saving the file, the Mac uses the word “ Screen Saving Time”

Click the Esc key to cancel a recording before pressing on the folder.

QuickTime Viewer, iMovie, and other apps that can access or display images, enable you to open screen records.

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Some devices, like DVD players, may not require you to record their windows.

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