How to Dial an Extension on iPhone?

How to Dial an Extension on iPhone? – Have you ever seen the option to pause and wait on the dialer pad of your mobile phone? Both of these are very useful buttons. Although nowadays mobile phone numbers have become an easy means of reaching anyone, sometimes in the office, if someone has to call on his extension in case of emergency, then he gets very confused.

How to Dial an Extension on iPhone?

But do you know that using these two buttons, you can dial the extension in a pinch from the mobile phone? Yes, these special tricks are for this work in mobile phones running on any platform, Blackberry, Android, iOS, or Windows.

How to Dial an Extension on iPhone?

What is an Extension?

A phone extension is a short number given to employees, teams, or departments of business number. It takes sources from your number and extended to many subdivisions in the organization. It allows callers to connect to many other departments and employees of the company. There are many shortcuts that are designed for VolP extensions that help to save time for your callers.

If a client call on your company for specific employees or service of the company, they can automatically be routed to the right place just by following an extension of a phone number. The extension consists of a 4-digit number that makes the end part of the phone number. For example, your company has a phone number 9875432686, now you decided to

Do you want to dial an extension number on your iPhone? Yes, it is possible without going through the main line. You can do this with your iPhone’s built-in app. If you use an iPhone and want to get an extension number then the first step is to launch the phone app. On this page, we will show you How to Dial an Extension on your iPhone to avoid the whole phone tree process. any dialer pad, the wait button is seen on the right side of 0, and the pause button is on the left side. In many phones it is merged with the and buttons and p and w are written on these buttons.

Pressing the pause button allows you to pause for 3 seconds between any number and extension. So that the extension will automatically dial after 3 seconds of dialing the number. On choosing Wait, after dialing the main number, the phone asks you whether you want to dial the second number or not, if you are not sure about the extension, then you can talk to the reception.

Here are some Processes for How to Dial an Extension on iPhone?

  • Open the phone app on your iPhone and dial the main number that you have to call.
  • Now, press the * button until a comma appears. The comma act as a pause. Let your phone know it’s a dialing extension.
  • After the comma, enter the extension number.
  • Press on the green button and you will dial the person you want to reach or call.

You can also save the extension on your iPhone. Next time when you go to dial extension it will be already saved. Follow these steps to get the extension saved.

  • Open the contact app on your iPhone.
  • Create a new contact by tapping on plus sign.
  • Tap on contact if you want to add an extension.
  • Tap on the edit option that is present in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the number you are adding to the extension. You can also tap on the + button and add new contact for the phone.
  • Press the symbol button on your keyboard. Tap pause to insert a comma.
  • Now, Enter the extension for the contact.
  • Click on the save button. Now your extension will be saved.

Difference Between Virtual Number and Extension

The working of virtual numbers and extensions are similar to each other. Both forward calls to other points and are not attached to specific locations or zip codes. Both consist of numbers, although extensions are shorter than virtual numbers. The VoIP number is associated with the IP address of a specific device. It doesn’t matter whether your phone is a cell phone, desk phone, or computer. When someone calls on your number through the VoIP system, the call is forwarded to the device attached to the IP address. It allows staff to receive calls on different devices while using the same number.

An extension is not linked with its IP address. The charges for creating and using a virtual number are set in your VoIP number. Generally, extensions are free, there may be a limit on the maximum number you have. It takes you to the individual, department, and voice mail inbox. In many VoIP systems, adding an extension is quite simple. You log in to the dashboard and select an option for new users.

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