How to Fix “Google Keeps Stopping” Error Code 2024

Google is a very majorly used app today by all on their phones and PCs. One uses a variety of Google Apps for a lot of purposes. They are almost the backbone of most online work. However, Google keeps stopping errors can cause great trouble to users when it suddenly flashes across their screen.

How to Fix “Google Keeps Stopping” Error Code

Here are a few ways in which you can remedy this problem. Do not worry and keep on reading to solve your Google app issues immediately.

1) Re-start Phone:

The first thing you can do to solve this issue is to restart your phone. In order to get the Google apps and more running properly once more, long press your power button. Then, click the re-start icon. Wait a minute and your phone will restart immediately. you can now check if your Google apps are working or not.

Not working yet? Do not fret, and move on to the next method.

2) Force Stop and Re-Launch:

This is another way to get your google app getting to work again as usual. To do so, you can try force-stopping your google app and then re-launching the app. First, go to your phone settings. Then, you will need to look for the option Apps. Then, look for the Google app from your list of apps and click on it. Then, click on the force stop app. Once you do that, re-start the app. Now, your problem might have been fixed. If not, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

3) Clear Cached Data:

You can also try Clearing up your phone and app cached data. This could be causing a lag on your phone, hence you are maybe unable to use the app and that is leading to this error code being displayed. To do so, once more go to your phone settings and click on apps. Then look through your apps and clear the cached data one by one. Once you are done, things should be running way smoother and better.

4) Un-Install Updates:

Sometimes, a new update might have bugs in them, leading to this kind of issue. You can try uninstalling the update itself to see if the app starts working again. To do this, go to your phone settings and then click on apps. Next, click on the Google app in question. Click on app info and then click uninstall the update. Once you do that,re-launch the app and now check. This might just do it.

5) Uninstall Web View Updates:

Sometimes, a faulty update in the Android Web view app could also be the root cause of this kind of error. To prevent this, you can try to uninstall the Web view update. To Uninstall the web view update, you need to once again go to your settings and then apps. Then, find the Android system web view and in a similar fashion to the last method, uninstall the update. Once you do that, your google app might be back to normal once again.

6) Update Android Phone:

Outdated software on your android could also be the core reason for your apps on the phone not working as usual. This also stands true for google apps. Hence, you can solve this issue by updating your android to the latest version. To do so, go to the phone settings and then to phone info. There, look for any indication of a new update. If there is one, then click on that and install the update. This might take a good minute. Make sure your internet is strong. In no time, the update will be done. Now, try re-opening your google apps. This should definitely work.

7) Re-set Your Phone:

If all the other methods have completely failed to solve the issue, then lastly, you can try resetting your phone. You can reset your phone by long pressing your phone’s power button. After that, click on the reboot icon. Once you do that, your phone will turn off and turn back on in a minute or so. Then, check if your Google apps are working properly or not.


This is not usually a common issue. However, it sure is frustrating when it does arise. However, you do not need to worry so much, as your solution might be within the first few methods themselves. If even those do not work, then the others should as well. However, in the extremely rare case that even those do not work, you might need to contact experts or customer service such as your phone customer service. However, that should be a rare happening. Hence, sit back relax and keep on using your Google Apps.


  • Question: What are the Google Customer service numbers?

Answer: +1 650 206 5555.Call on this number.

  • Question: What is the difference between Google Drive and Google One?

Answer: Usually, Google Drive is free, unless you purchase more space. Google One however has a subscription plan.

  • Question: What is Google Workspace?

Answer: Google WorkSpace is a more updated version of Gmail. It is mostly meant for use by Businesses.

  • Question: What is the benefit of having Google Apps?

Answer: It is one of the most widely used and usually pre-installed in most phones. Hence it is convenient.

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