Xcode Couldn’t Find Any iOS App Development Provisioning Profiles Matching

The Issue Description

comparing the output of Fastlane env when running in CircleCI, it can be concluded that the differences if useful as in CircleCI use Xcode 9.4, and the output captured is from the run of CircleCI ultimately, the errors present in the dispatch is

Code Signing Error: No profiles for ‘com.foo.bar’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘com.foo.bar’. signing indirectly is disabled making you generate a profile.

Xcode Couldn’t Find Any iOS App Development Provisioning Profiles Matching

To enable direct signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to Xcode build.

Xcode Couldn't Find Any iOS App Development Provisioning Profiles Matching

Now the mapping is well established and so

  • DEBUG [2018-07-10 01:31:56.19]: Resulting in the following mapping:
  • DEBUG [2018-07-10 01:31:56.19]: {:”com.foo.bar”=>”match Development com.foo.bar”}

Two steps to take when encountering this problem would be

  1. Removing all provisioning profiles from the library and then verifying by running match again
  2. On the machine on which you’re running CircleCI, build your project once with Xcode.

Alternatively, if you are trying to test an ionic app on an iPhone but you do not have a developer account or have access to someone who owns a developer account you could try these solutions as a remedy to the problem

Free Provisioning/Testing on Your Device

  1. Go to the point labeled “Xcode, Preferences, Accounts.” click the ‘+’ icon to add your Apple ID. After you add your ID you would see it within the main account window.
  2. Select your account and then click on the “View Details” button and allow them to load.
  3. Create a ‘signing identity’ for provisioning profile device testing and click the “Create” button. When completed, click ‘Done’. If the create button is dimmed, wait for the process to complete. if a ‘Reset’ button is present, then stop because other factors need to be sorted out first.
  4. Connect your device and use it as a destination through the ‘active scheme’ dropdown icon
  5. In target’s ‘General’ settings you would find all the necessities available and your problem would have been solved
  6. Set the identifier you want for the profile, it has to be unique, if it is already in use, you can expect a warning alert so you must endeavor to make it so that you would use a different string.
  7. Use the team id as your apple id
  8. Click on the ‘Fix Issue’ button the provisioning profile warning
  9. Run the app with your selected texting device

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Free Provisioning Secrets/Things You’ll Want to Know

  • The profile will only be valid for a week, after that you will need to recreate a new one using the same process as earlier
  • The number of apps you can build is limited so if you hit this error, delete older versions and try again using the same stipulated procedures
  • A maximum number of devices limit is reported as 3 so do not exceed it.
  • If this is about creating a .ipa to manually handoff, select Build For when Archiving under the project menu, instead of ‘Run’.

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