www.paybyplatema.com – Pay Online Bill Payment Options

Technology has improved the quality of life!

www.Paybyplatema.com is a great choice when you are traveling overseas or living in a city. You can easily pay your bills even you are stuck in traffic.

www.paybyplatema.com – Pay Online Bill

Paybypatema is not a bank account actually, it’s a virtual account that you can access from your personal computer. All the billing information will be sent to your email account. You can select the bill by electronic transfer or mailing a check.

www.paybyplatema.com - Pay Online Bill Payment Options

You don’t need to go to www.paybyplatema.com in person to pay your bills. Simply use your phone or over the internet. No need to deal with a real person to pay your bills. Simply by using a laptop or smartphone to pay your bills.

What is www.Paybyplatema.com Registration Process?

Having issues in accessing Paybyplatema services call the customer support service team to resolve them. You can check the latest news, and read reviews to resolve the issues.

  • Visit the login page of Paybyplatema.com.
  • Enter the Email ID or Password.
  • Login from the screen appears after the login.
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Registration Process of www.Paybyplatema.com?

The new account for paybyplatema.com can be created easily by following the simple steps given in the registration process. To start with Paybyplatema you have to create an account.

  • Go to Paybyplatema Login page https://www.mass.gov/ezdrivema or www.paybyplatema.com español.
  • Fill in all the details like alternate email id, date of birth, and year.
  • Done! Your account has been created.

Forget user id or password?

If you forget or lose your username or password, Application ID or registered id follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Visit the official link mentioned above.
  • Enter your email id or username and search.
  • Open your email account connected to your account for a password.
  • No, reset the password.
  • Click the option Reset password and enter the new password.

About PaybyPlate?

UsingPaybyplate MA the toll is charged by identifying Vehicle’s license plate. If you are the vehicle’s registered buyer the bill will be mailed to you by Paybyplate MA toll. These bills can be paid online or by checking at any EZDrive MA customer service center.

“Pay by plate” is that your toll is charged through your account by reading your vehicle license plate. In this your transponder was not read, in case you often receive “Pay by Plates” check your transponder must be properly mounted.

If the transponder is mounted properly and you continuously receive charges, then it’s time to replace the transponder.

How to Replace the Transponder?

To replace the transponder, you can request it online. Login to your account using the Transponder tab to submit your request. The account with excessive “pay by plate” transactions may be assessed a $ 2 fee per transaction.

About E-Zpass MA?

EZDrive has made things better and more comfortable. It is Massachusetts’s all-electronic tolling program. Using this portal, you can pay the toll crimes using PayByPlate or E-ZPass. Now you don’t need to stop at the toll booth to pay tolls.

EZpass MA Transponders are free and give discounted tolls in Massachusetts. You can open an E-ZPass MA account and manage your account information and pay missed tolls. Do you travel on MA toll roads without E-Zpass?

How to open an E-Zpass MA account online?

  • License plate number listed on your vehicle.
  • Vehicle’s model, make, and year.
  • Debit/credit or banking information to make payment.

You need to download an E-ZPass MA application. You will get a free transponder that will be mailed to your account.

E-Zpass MA Fee

  • A new transponder can get a pass for free; the replacement fee applies for stolen, lost, or damaged only.
  • Different options to pay toll
  • Prepaid or Automatic Account Replenishment

Assign your credit/debit card in order to check your account for the initial payment. A private individual account’s toll amount is $ 20 per transponder. For a commercial business account, it is $ 50 per transponder.

Once the toll is incurred the amount will be deducted from the initial payment. Your account balance becomes reduced and your account will automatically be replenished by using your assigned choice.

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Prepaid or Manual Account Replenishment

You have to open your account with the initial payment. Once the tolls are incurred, the amount will be deducted from the initial payment. Track balance and replenishment account so that you can pay your tolls. For a private individual account, the amount is $30 and for a commercial, it is $50.

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