Windows were Unable to Complete the Format – How To Fix?

Windows were Unable to Complete the Format – USB drive configuration is an easy process. Often, though, Windows finds difficulties in mounting the USB drive and begins showing error messages because Windows did not complete the file. The appearance of this error causes the USB drive to become irresponsive and it temporarily loses all of its data.

Windows were Unable to Complete the Format

Windows were Unable to Complete the Format

It can be frustrating to see any kind of error but the Windows was unable to complete the format is a particularly alarming error that should not be ignored. It refers to an issue with the USB drive. Windows issues this error message when it cannot format the usual USB drive.

Reasons why Windows can’t format USB Drive

There could be some explanations for not being able to format the USB drive on Windows. Some of those are as follows:

  • Virus and/or malware.
  • USB drives the presence of bad sectors.
  • The USB drive is physically damaged.
  • USB drive is write-safe.

Windows Fix Solution was unable to fill in the Format Error:

You can use the following two solutions to fix Windows that could not fill in the format error.

Format via Disk Management:

Windows offers you the Disk Management option which aims to regulate the system’s disks and partitions. Disk Management is capable of updating or removing partitions, modifying drive text, growing or improving partition size, and shaping new numbers.

Disk Management can be used to format a corrupted USB drive, and Windows could not complete the format error to fix it. If it has been corrupted you will not be able to see the USB drive in Windows Explorer or My Computer. Yeah, you can’t open it with the normal right-click and print choice.

After right-clicking on My Computer, select the option ‘Manage’ and then click on the option Disk Management. You will find the USB drive, the partitions, and the local hard drive in the middle section.

Do a quick format by selecting the ‘Format’ option after right-clicking on the USB drive, and selecting the file system format.

After right-clicking on the USB drive, select the ‘New Simple Volume’ option to reshape the USB drive partitions using the New Simple Volume Wizard. To complete this process simply follow the instructions provided. By the time this process is complete your USB drive will be formatted.

Format with Command Prompt:

In certain cases, Disk Administration can’t repair windows couldn’t complete the format fault. The next best solution available is formatting the USB drive using the Prompt command.

If you see this error on your Laptop screen then you will realize that there is a chance that your device will delete the data you have saved there. The corrupted USB drive is likely to trigger valuable data such as your personal records, installed applications, addresses, notes, songs, images, and movies to be wiped out of your Computer.

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To fix Windows that could not complete the format error you’ll need a powerful data recovery tool that can be used to recover data from corrupted USB drives. Although there are different software programs that can perform this task, the only one that can do it safely is Wonder share data recovery software.

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