Windows Update Service not Running – Fully Fixed

Windows Update Service not Running – When you schedule for the windows update and you will get a notification that tells you that the windows update service not running.

Windows Update Service not Running

It is really irritating notification that is easy to solve so don’t get panic over your issue of the windows update service not running because at this post you will get all answers to solve your window issue.

Windows Update Service not Running - Fully Fixed

Methods to fix windows update service not running:

There is a comprehensive solution for fixing the windows update service that doesn’t run on Windows 7 or 8, so you don’t have to waste time with this little problem. Now let’s start with solutions on how to fix windows update service not running issues:

Run windows update trouble-shooter:

You can use windows update troubleshooter. This built-in Microsoft solution is designed to automatically find and fix update issues in your OS.

Check out how you can run this tool in windows 10:

  • You need to go to the control panel from the setting option. Here, you need to choose the small or large icons from the category.  Press the troubleshooting button and then click to view all at the left pane.
  • Then you should go to locate windows update. Then open trouble-shooter of windows update. Click the on-screen prompts and then resolve your problem with the update needed to restart your computer.
  • Restart your pc for the changes to take effect and see if you can use windows update now.

Update Device Drivers:

Firstly, you have to type the win key, and then type the device manager.

Then need to select the first option from the search menu.

You can choose the left side option to enhance or expand video, sound, and game controllers and select the IDT high-definition audio codec.

Hit the action tab to choose the update driver software. Then you have to browse for driver software and then select the high-definition audio device driver from the list.

Then click on the next option and press the yes button. That means you have successfully finished this method. In the end, restart your pc. You can use this process to update any driver of your windows.

Kb3102810 standalone:

In case of the windows update service not running, then you should try this solution in which you have to download and install kb3102810 with a security update.

After successful installation, you have to restart your pc. Refer to the above method to stop the windows update service then delete the SoftwareDistribution folder; restart your pc and check for updates. This course could take an hour to find updates.

What are the causes of the windows update not running issues?

There are many reasons why this error occurs:

  • This can also happen if the content within the software distribution folder is somehow corrupted.
  • This flaw can occur if the windows update service is not working or is not working properly.
  • If your device driver is out of date, you may see this problem.

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To fix the problem of those windows update services not running, the easiest way is to run the built-in troubleshooter for all kinds of update problems.

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