Windows Taskbar Not Hiding – How to Fix with Fullscreen?

Windows Taskbar not Hiding – Are you facing the problem of the windows taskbar not hiding in your full-screen mode of windows 10?

Then you should read and check the following listed guidelines for windows taskbar not hiding as in this post you will get all information for which you are searching.

Windows Taskbar Not Hiding – How to Fix with Fullscreen?

Don’t panic if you have the problem of the windows taskbar not hiding in your windows. It is a common issue of most of the windows; the following listed solution will help you to solve your problems.

In windows 10 pc or computer, to use the full-screen mode is quite easy and mostly used as it is main point focused as well as avoids the distractions while watching some videos or playing games.

Windows Taskbar Not Hiding - How to Fix with Fullscreen?

Watching videos or playing games, both activities can be easily done with regular internet browsers like Google chrome. You can use a VLC player on your computer for these activities.

During these activities, most pc face the problem of the windows taskbar not hiding as there is an inability in the windows taskbar. Due to this problem, the watching or gaming experience gets spoiled. You will get many notifications of the windows taskbar not hiding when you are busy with your game or movie and it destroys your joy.

To enhance you’re watching or gaming experience, you should have the auto setting of hiding features of your windows taskbar. But still, here you will get all solutions of the windows taskbar not hiding

Why is Windows 10 taskbar not hiding automatically?

Till the windows application doesn’t need any intention for taskbar notification, the auto-hiding feature of the taskbar is active but remains hidden in the setting. By flashing continuously some standard applications start to get your attention towards them.

Now, let’s talk about how to solve your windows taskbar not hiding:

First Solution – updates your Windows 10 and restarts it:

You can enhance or improve your watching or gaming experience with the latest or updated windows operating systems. You should check for the updated system by visiting the setting option of windows. In case, your windows are not updated then you will notice the updated system. You can update your windows system either manually or automatically by using the windows setting.

In the case of manually, if you find the update system notification then you should immediately update as well as install it to get the best experience.  On successful installation, restart your pc. Hence, the problem is solved.

Second Solution – use of the auto-hide feature:

One of the best features of windows 10 is the auto-hide feature. If the taskbar is not in use now then it will hide. And when you will need to use this taskbar you should click on the lower part of the window screen. This happens, because you have made an auto-hide feature setting in your windows 10. To use the taskbar again you need to activate your personalization tab and the automatic setting gets off.

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Some other ways to fix your windows taskbar not hiding are the use of the F11 shortcut on your Keyboard, Ditch your Chrome browser and using a different one, restarting your windows or pc and etc.

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