Windows Media Player for Windows 10 Download Free

Windows Media Player for Windows – Windows Media Player is Microsoft’s own brainchild, which they have successfully integrated to user satisfaction in every type of their devices – including phones that use the Operating System.

It is generally relatable as a media library application, and it can be used to play audio, video, and even pictures.

Windows Media Player for Windows 10 Download

In addition to just being a player, the WMP can be used to burn music and other file formats on compact disks. This feature quite frankly makes it so that the users do not particularly require another application that would specifically get the same process done.

A few years after its initial release, Microsoft released a feature called ActiveMovie that added new ways of handling media, including video streaming. This feature was later renamed “DirectShow”.

Windows Media Player for Windows 10 Download Free [ 2020 ]

The Windows Media Player 12 is the most recent version of Windows Media Player that was released into Windows 7 right at the time of its own release. Although the new version was made available to the previous versions of Windows, it has not been updated ever since – and all the operating systems upwards of Windows 7 come with outdated versions.

That said, it does not nullify any of the rich features that it is known for.

Besides the default features that any media player offers a user, WMP has a lot of other features including time compression/dilation. It also allows a full keyboard-based operation.

Initiated with the version integrated into Windows 7, Windows Media Player supports full media management that can scour the web for metadata, help in the local cataloging, and provide descriptions of music files.

The Windows Media Player 11 had another feature included for easy navigation – and explorer-style navigation panel to the left of the interface.

File Formats

Windows Media Player is inherently equipped to support basic Windows Media codecs, WAV, and MP3 file formats. Starting from the XP version of the operating system – and for the WMP versions of 7 or upwards of it – the Windows Media Audio Professional codec was introduced that can channel audio at  24-bit 192 kHz resolution.

The Windows Media Player 12 can run h.264 and MPEG-4 Part 2 video formats, ALAC, AAC audio, and 3GP, MP4, and MOV container formats.

The same player, however, has been tweaked to run other formats as well in Windows 10, including FLAC, HEVC, ASS, and SubRip subtitle, and Matroska container formats.

Windows Media Player Features

Other significant features include its rich portable device syncing – with portable handheld devices and gaming consoles.

It features “shell integration”, which allows users to add songs and playlists to the now playing list from the windows explorer shell itself, from its right-click menu.

It also provides an ActiveX control that developers can use to play the Windows Media Player on web pages.

In addition, starting with the XP version of the Windows Media Player, video-streaming has been made available that allows streaming to other consoles such as Xbox 360, PS3, and SoundBridge (from Roku).

Windows Media Player for Windows 10

The Media Player version of Windows 10 is the Windows Media Player 12. This version has a lot of features and advantages over its previous versions and can play Flip video, and unprotected songs from the iTunes library.

It has two important features:

  • Streamlined playback modes that took everything from the user-interface other than what is needed for the user to play music.
  • Syncing allows the user to play his library anytime, anywhere.

Final Words – Windows Media Player for Windows

Windows Media Player has rich integrations and special tweaks for Microsoft users, and more than marginally provides ease-of-access through its goals on “minimalism”.

The latest version that came with integrations for Windows 10 is predictably close to hitting home runs all the time while it’s run in its home ground – the Windows 10.

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Although this competes vaguely with stand-alone media players, it has its own specialties that everyday users can inevitably relate to. Windows Media Player for Windows 10 Download Free.

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