How to Fix – Wi-fi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

Wi-fi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration – You are trying to connect your laptop to your Wi-fi, and suddenly run into the problem of the ip  or internet protocol configuration not being valid. Do not fret, and keep on reading this article to know more about how to fix the problem of the message wi-fi doesn’t have valid ip configuration.

Wi-fi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

This kind of issue is usually common especially with the windows 10 software. The PC fails to secure a internet protocol as it should be doing usually on a Wi-fi connection. Follow the methods to fix this issue given below. At least one of these is bound to help you fix your problem and connect your pc or laptop smoothly to your Wi-fi internet.

Wi-fi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

1) Re-start Computer:

This seems like a very obvious answer, but often, simply re-statring the PC can do the trick to fix this kind of issues. If this does not solve it, then no worries. Look to the next method to find your fix.

2) Re-start the Router:

If re-starting your Computer or Laptop has not worked, then you can try switching off and then switching back on your Wi-fi router as well. Simply ress the power button of your router and then switch it on and re-connect. This should help.

If this too is in-effective, then here is another method of solving this issue.

3) Re-set your Wireless Network Adapter:

Sometimes an error in your Wireless Network adapter of your PC or Laptop can cause this issue. You can try to remedy this by resetting the Laptop or Computer’s wireless Network adapter. To do this, you need to start by first clicking on Window+R in order to access the RUN function box. Then, you must type into the box ncpa.cpl and then click on ok.

Once you have done that the Network  and sharing center of your Laptop or PC will show up immediately. Here, look for the wireless network adapter option and then right click on it. Once you do that, click on disable. After you have done so, wait for a few seconds and then enable the wireless network adapter again. Now, re-start your laptop or PC and check if the issue persists.

If the issue is still there, then look to the next method.

4) Renew PC IP Lease:

If the previous methods did not work, try this method. First, press the Windows button and the X button together. Once you do that, click on Windows Powershell. After you do that, you need to run the commands ipconfig/release or ipconfig/flush dns and lastly ipconfig/renew. After that, exit windows power shell and now see, if you still could not connect to your WI-fi ip.

5) Reset TCP/IP Stack:

If the renewing the IP Lease did not work, then, in a similar way suing Windows Power Shell, you can try to reset the IP stack as well. To do this, once more click windows plus X button together and then click on Window Power shell. Once you do that run the commands netsch winsock reset catalog, netsch int ip reset. Then, exit Windows Powershell and restart the computer. This often works to solve this kind of issue.

6) Re-install The Wireless Network Adapter:

To do this click on device manager fromt the windows button. Then look for network adapters and click on it. Select the wireless network adapter and then uninstall the adapter. After you do that, re-start the computer. Then, open device manager again and open the network adapter and click search. Now check if the issue has been resolved.

7) Update Wireless Network Adapter:

The next method of trying to fix your network issue is to go to device manager, click on Network adapter and then select wireless network adapter. And then, you need to right click and look for update. Often, lack of updating leads to issues with the Wireless network adapter.


Most of the time, the first few methods explicated above are usually enough to solve issues with the issue of wi-fi ip configurations. You should find your fix itself over there. If this issue still persists, then perhaps it is a fault in your software, and needs to be addresses by a professional. So go ahead, and try all these fixes till your problem is solved completely.

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Wi-fi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration FAQs

  • Question: What is IP?

Answer: IP stands for Internet Protocol which is a set of standards for routing internet to a device.

  • Question: I have connected my device to the wifi, but I have no access to Internet?

Answer: You need to go to the network troubleshooter to see what the issue is. If that does not solve it, then contact the network service provider.

  • Question: There is no internet on my router?

Answer: Sometimes, the settings of the router change by mistake. Connect it to your PC and then look through its settings. If this is too difficult for you, then consult an expert.

  • Question: I cannot find the wifi on my device?

Answer: You need to refresh to see if it shows up. Or else, check the router for problems.

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