Wayback Machine Alternative – Best Website History Checker Tools

Wayback Machine Alternative – Wayback Machine is a term mostly known to people owning or maintaining a website. It is described as a World Wide Web (WWW) digital archive, and the other Internet information produced by the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization. Wayback Machine is a service that helps internet users to see how a particular website looks from 1996 to the current.

Wayback Machine Alternative - Best Website History Checker Tools

Wayback Machine Alternative – Best Website History Checker Tools

Also, the Wayback Machine provides access to electronically stored material. This functions even though the output of the source website is not accessible. The database has 10 billion web pages, and it takes more than 100 TB of capacity. When you like to see how your beloved website looked in the past, here (in this section) can bring you the preserved ‘snapshots’.

For eg, you will see how our alltechbuzz.net website appeared before it was created, and how it appeared through to the present at different periods. While some items have not been revealed, the archive’s diversity and wholeness are excellent. The Wayback Machine also has a special feature in the collection. It shows some sites that were important for the early Internet and is called a collection of ‘Web Pioneers’.

Nowadays, people use Wayback Machine to access the websites’ deleted data and create business strategies. So, from the start, the Wayback Machine gives us the power to see a website’s history and its journey.

Now the problem is, “What if archive.org is not functioning? “Don’t worry, there’s a workaround here and it’s the Wayback Machine replacement. Here comes the alternative Wayback Machine.

There are plenty of internet repositories out there but just a handful have found their way onto the best 100. If archive.org also goes offline, you can use these replacements to the internet archives.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives:


Archive.is is one of the best options on Wayback Machine. It is considered by web pages as a time capsule. It preserves web pages ‘snapshots’ even though the website vanishes. Yet when it comes to storing and archiving websites, there are no active elements and scripts in it. Although this is an old alternative, people like to use it because it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.


ScreenShots.com is another best alternative to the Wayback Machine, an Internet archive. It requires website archived screenshots from different times. As this is an unofficial archived page, screenshots.com offers a precise snapshot of how old a page used to be. It’s also called a time machine with screenshots of over 250 million websites.


Since people are acquainted with this page, it doesn’t require much introduction. Alexa is part of Amazon.com. This offers a website’s complete profile and its viewing information as well. Particularly, it provides the details for competitive analysis on the web site’s rating and keyword data. Also, you can find data about past visits, where they are frequently visited, and the duration.

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Those are the Best Wayback Machine Alternate Sites we’ve selected and they’re trustworthy and running great. From all these alternatives in the internet archive, you can choose one that suits your needs.

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