Voice Changer for Mac – Apple Voice Changer for Macbook

Voice Changer for Mac – It’s prevalent to know a way to alter the tone of the voice during a call or video produced through the computer at some stage in our life as computer users and connoisseurs.

Just as in all science fiction and action films, with the distinction that you are looking to play your friends or acquaintances with a little joke.

Voice Changer for Mac – Apple Voice Changer for Macbook

Voice Changer for Mac - Apple Voice Changer for Macbook

Historical Voice changers

The earliest voice changers were electronic devices commonly used for disguise purposes over the telephone.

Low-priced, small lithium battery-powered voice switches were used between the mouthpiece of a phone and the mouth of the user.

More advanced voice changers have variable fader variable rates of distinct distortion impacts.

Voice Changers Now

For a variety of operating systems, voice changers can be found online. For macOS, there are several common voice changers.

The programs available are capable of changing the user’s voice pitch and timbre, applying special effects, and performing graphical equalization almost in real-time.

Voice Changers for Mac

This post covers some excellent examples of software voice changers for Mac…

Voice Changer Plus

This is an application that allows you to choose between dozens of fun voices and sound effects. Simply tap, tell or sing something, and tap again. Then choose your desired voice or impact, and that’s it.


It’s software that allows users on Bebo, Skype, Discord, and many more platforms to alter their voice. It features various voices from which you can choose, including a robot, alien, aphonic, child, ogre, spirit, and more.


This is a website where you can use your microphone to upload or record audio. Using the various voice filters available online, you can alter your voice. From Alien and Chipmunk to Batman’s villain Bane, you’ll discover everything.

Voice Candy

It is a Mac application for Skype and for other voice recording programming that enables you to record and adjust your voice with 8 diverse presets like Chipmunk, Darth Vader, Robot, and Old Radio.

Voice Spice Recorder

This is an internet voice recorder that lets you record your voice and turn it into a hell demon, guy, female, space squirrel, or robot. With your microphone, you can record the video or use its text-to-speech features.

Voxal Voice Changer

In any application or game that utilizes a microphone to add another dimension of creativity, it is a program that enables you to change your voice.

From ‘ Girl ‘ to ‘ Alien, ‘ the choices for voice change are unlimited.


This is a work area programming that enables you to transform your voice into whatever you want, a beast, a little kid, or anything that you can envision. MorphVox works continuously as you talk so it’s ideal for its utilization in any chat application.

Clownfish Voice Changer

This amazing program is made by Shark Labs, Sofia. This application is coded so that it is perfect with some other application or gadget independent of designers.

It is the best for a reason. This app is the Internet’s greatest voice changer and is free to use. By selecting templates, you can change your voice to any tone and pitch and save them for future use.

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You can easily alter your voice during calls, Skype, or create videos with all this easy to download and free-to-use tools.

All this software is so made to offer all the required tools to their users so that they can create their own recordings in the best quality.

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