Transfer Photos from Android to Mac – Easy & Safe Way to Transfer

Transfer Photos from Android to Mac – The best way to copy photos from an Android device back to a Mac is to use one of the image transfer software that is bundled with Mac OS X.

We mention’ will’ because it doesn’t always work this way, but another better choice is to use the Android File Transfer software because it’s almost sure to function when Picture Capture or otherwise fails. We can use a range of various approaches to moving images from iOS to your Mac.

Transfer Photos from Android to Mac – Easy & Safe Way to Transfer

Long-time Mac users acquainted with video cameras or the iOS environment can note out these are the same techniques utilized when transferring pictures from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to a device, except for the AFT app.

Copying Pictures from Android to Mac with Image Capture

transfer photos from android to mac

Camera Capturing is the best method for moving photographs to the Mac from just about every digital computer. It’s simple, powerful, offers a summary of the thumbnails, and if you want to, you can uninstall the photos from the computer afterward.

It’s no-frills but gets the job done fast, here’s how you can transfer photos from an Android phone to a Mac with this software:

  1. Using a USB cable to link the Android smartphone to the Pc.
  2. Activate “Camera Capture,” which can be contained in the folder/Apps/.
  3. Pick the Android phone on the left side of Image Capture under the ‘Devices’ tab.
  4. Optionally pick a target folder for the images however suggested.
  5. To pass all images on the computer to the Mac Image Capture, press the “Export All” icon.

You may also manually delete images from the system by choosing them from the window, then choose “Delete” instead of the Remove All option.

Transfer Photos from Android to Mac with Image Capture

Locate the destination folder you mentioned in the Mac OS X Finder when it is done, and all of your photos will be there.

Nonetheless, certain Android apps appear to have issues with Image Capture and if you find some of these issues you can access and use Google’s Mobile File Transfer service instead.

Connect the Android Device to the Mac with a USB Cable

Start and wait for Android File Transfer to recognize the computer.

Images are housed in one of two files, the folder “DCIM” and/or the folder “Pictures,” look inside each.

Use drag & drop to bring the Phone images to the Mac.

Android File Transfer can show a progress bar with the approximate period remaining, how many items are copied, and an opportunity to cancel a copy of the file.

Copy Photos from Android to Mac

As far as the two directories are concerned, “DCIM” happens to be where pictures shot with the digital camera applications reside, while “Pictures” typically occur where images are saved from the phones.

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That’s not always the case, so we suggest that you check at all places and make sure you locate the things you’re searching for.

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