Sticky Notes for Mac [ How to Create Sticky Notes on Mac ]

Sticky Notes for Mac: Stickies is an application established for Apple Mac which adds notes on the device screen. It allows the user to write short leftovers, notes and important dated to reminisce.

It is a type of application which issued to make desktop notes and remember dates and remainder. Jens was the first Apple employee to use the version of Stickies.

Sticky Notes for Mac

Sticky Notes for Mac [ How to Create Sticky Notes on Mac ]

In 2001, Stickies was revised in Cocoa. Now it has new structures like transparent notes, styled text.

Sticky Notes Features

Launch Stickies from the app or desktop. A new-fangled note should just pop up on the screen

Click File in the menu bar appearing on your screen.Click New Note. Now, you can press the Command N on your keyboard.

Write a note you don’t want to forget.

If you want that, your note should follow you anywhere you go on Mac, you can also make it glide on each window.

You can also make your sticky translucent If you have your note as a moving window

Expand your Sticky Notes

Once you have made your sticky note according to your requirement and you want to add or expand the note. Expansion can be done if you missed a date and want to add some stuff in between.

  • Open Sticky from the app or the menu on your desktop. You can also search it from Finder
  • Click the bar menu to collapse the note option
  • Now window will appear on the screen, so click on the window.
  • Now expand window will pop up. Click on expand the window.

Add a Sticky note on Mac?

Type on to the file to open it.The file will run the Sticky application. You can see a new window that you see here. Now the text cursor will directly go in the new window.

Type the information you want to note down. You can also type the known command to paste the contents into the window.

It is a type of application which is used in remembering dates and remainder. Jens was the first Apple employee to use the version of Stickies

Stickies notes are fundamentally an alphanumeric post. The app has the same working like that of notes so that you can make a note on your own to remember it when necessary. It is a type of visual remainder.

How to create sticky notes on mac?

  1. In the Stickies app on your Mac, select File, New Note.
  2. Now add an image or PDF, drag a file to your note.
  3. To make your note more interesting and you want your note to look attractive, you can edit it from given settings
  • Select the color you want to apply on the note.
  • Select the formatting option to change the text
  • Change your note to semi-transparent
  • Keep the note on the side of your desktop

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Sticky is an application made for mac. The sticky application allows you to add and remove the important date and necessary stuff to remember. Notes are saved on desktops.

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