Error Code: status_access_violation

Error Code: status_access_violation

A functional web browser is a part of every day life just as much as every other thing. A web browser is necessary to search for information, from important necessary information to simple searches for entertainment.

Error Code: status_access_violation

However, every now and then, the browser might suddenly crash and display the error code status_access_violation. While this is quite frustrating, you need not worry about continuing your web searches. Here we are with a few ways you can remedy this issue and carry on with your work seamlessly.

What Causes the Browser to Crash?

Usually when an unspecified and unrecognized program asks for access to memory of device or browser, the browser crashes and displays this message. This is common usually in the browsers Google Chrome and also Microsoft Edge.

Let us look at the ways in which this can be quickly fixed.

status_access_violation for Chrome

#1 Refresh Page:

This is the simplest fix for this problem.Simply refresh your page,and most of the times this should work effectively to solve the problem.

#2 Update Chrome:

If refreshing your page on Chrome has not worked, then it might be that the browser is crashing due to not have being updated to the latest version. Update your chrome browser and re-launch it. See now if the browser has been fixed.

If this does not do it, then look to the next method.

#3 Try changing the .exe file name on Chrome:

Changing the file name might absolutely do the trick. To do so, you would need to first go to your devices file explorer. Then, look for Chrome and change the name of the file. See if the browser is working now.

#4 Switch to a More stable Version of Google Chrome:

Sometimes, you might have a more unstable version of Chrome installed to your device. You can try switching to the other version. To do so, you would need to  first open the Run command box by pressing the Windows and the R button at the same time. After that type appwiz.cpl and then click on ok. After that, loom for chrome on the control panel and then uninstall it. After that, re-install the latest version. After that, the problem might get fixed.

#5 Disable all Browser Extensions:

Faulty corrupted browser extensions can cause the browser to crash. Hence, try disabling all these extensions. Go to the menu on Chrome and click on settings. Then look for extensions and disable all of them. This might help.

#6 Switch to a different Browser:

If all else fails, then just switch to a different browser so that you do not have to deal with this issue any more and can carry on with your searches.

status_access_violation for Microsoft Edge

#1 Refresh and Update:

Like with Chrome, refreshing or up dating the browser should usually be enough to fix this issue even on Edge. If not, we’ve got you. Go to the next solution.

#2 Re-name Executable File:

Go to File explorer and then look for Microsoft Edge. Then, change name of the Name file .exe and that should help out with the problem.

#3 Disabling of Renderer Code Inability:

Render code integrity feature on browsers sometimes leads this error code being displayed. Disabling that can bring back your browser to normal. To do so, click on Microsoft edge and then open the properties from the icon on the desktop. Then, click Shortcuts on the Properties top bar. On the target box, enter the following command:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe” – disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity

Once you do that, click on apply followed by ok. This will probably clear up the error and make your browser run again properly.

#4 Disable Extensions on Microsoft Edge Browser:

Like in Chrome, corrupted browser extensions could lead to the crashing issue. To undo this problem, disable all extensions. Go to the Microsoft Edge browser and click on the three dots on the top bar. Then, open the box and click on extensions. Then, un-install the extensions one by one. After that, re-open the browser and now see if it is working.

#5 Use a different Browser:

If all else fails, then definitely use a different browser.


A Browser working properly is a basic requirement today for all. While this issue does happen, it can be easily done away with if you follow the methods explained above. At least one of the methods is bound to work for you. Try it out, and a you can go back to Happily browsing.

Error Code: status_access_violation FAQs

  • Question – I cannot find my saved bookmarks on Chrome?

Answer – You might have saved the bookmark on a different bookmark file. Open the settings and click on bookmarks and go through your different bookmark files. The bookmark might have ended up in the mobile bookmarks section.

  • Question – How to find my Chrome Extensions?

Answer – The extensions can be found on the top bar on Chrome.

  • Question – How to find out my Microsoft Edge browser version?

Answer – You need to go to Settings and click on About Microsoft Edge, and it will show you which version you have.

  • Question – What are some alternative browsers?

Answer – You can try the Classic Mozilla Firefox or Opera and more.

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