Sheppard Software – Fun Free online Learning Games for Kids

Sheppard Software – Safe child education portals are now a legend. It seems that educational websites are losing their credibility because the main aim is to raise a lot of money. They don’t matter what kind of popups and advertisements they place on their website for this. And the capacity of such advertisements to corrupt the mind of children with pornographic and violent material is terrible.

In a fact, viewing services such as YouTube and Daily Motion aren’t suitable for children at all. The relentless campaign approach renders it all negative to youngsters. Even if you use an ad blocker to avoid advertisements on YouTube, online psychopaths can associate your kid with any material that will torment you.

Sheppard Software – Fun Free Online Learning Games for Kids

So, is there any place online that’s free from these above threats? Is there some possibility to find a safe location online? Well after receiving a ton of emails about this problem, I finally found one that is a force to be reckoned with.

Sheppard app is an online portal that keeps your kids safe from offensive materials. This website is intended to include an interactive play area through which children can learn information by playing games. There are thousands of e-learning games and material on it that will never bother your kids.

Sheppard Software States Games

Sheppard software


You will get any chance in this segment to learn information regarding world geography. Each segment covers lessons covering countries and communities around the world’s seven continents.


Animals are one of the favorites for children to know. Kids will play exciting games and videos on the Sheppard Software Web site to learn about animals of all kinds.

Grammar & Tenses:

Clear grammar lets the kids develop their ability to talk and communicate. This website features some excellent drills and games to help the children develop their pacing and punctuation skills.

Fitness & Health:

Kids will access diet and wellness activities and other safety details on the Sheppard Software platform.


This is the strongest online forum for developing your child’s involvement in a science area. The manner in which games and drills are designed to teach children is impressive here.


To become a pro in mathematics, only one aspect is to need which is Work, Work, Practice! Additionally, at Sheppard Interactive, there are some amazing games and workouts to develop your kid’s skills.

Elementary School:

Teaching kids simple skills are really challenging. Sheppard Applications would be your preference if you are searching for an online portal that provides elementary school education. It includes some of the easiest opportunities to teach your kid about forms, colors, numbers, sounds, the alphabet, and more.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient):

Sheppard Software Website provides several thought-provoking activities and games that develop the IQ of your child.

USA Geography:

The page also includes a special segment for those who want to learn about the environment of the United States. This provides challenges and activities to think about all the US cities, states, and geography.

Sheppard Software Features

This amazing website’s creators know how to communicate with young people. The explanation I’ve mentioned is incredible because of the games and services that matched with every segment.

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Because voice helps kids by manipulating them as they push the cursor on various icons, your child will learn so much from here without any assistance. Other options include age-based classified portions and the Ads-Free edition.

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