Play AVI on Mac – Best AVI Player for Mac OS X

Play AVI on Mac – Playing AVI files is the largest worry for the users of Mac. None of the 4 major Indeo codecs are required to decode .avi files have integrated into the quick time. In these cases, even if required codecs are available, the AVI video file doesn’t play due to corruption.

Play AVI on Mac – Best AVI Player for Mac OS X

Before we get to know how to play AVI on Mac or how to fix Avi that aren’t playing on Mac, then get a quick look at the format of audio-video to interleave.

Play AVI on Mac - Best AVI Player for Mac OS X

AVI Files:

The audio-video interleave is an AVI full form. As the format of a video file, Avi is the container format defines that how the video data is packed into an AVI file.

Unlike other video format, it doesn’t predefine or specify the procedure or protocol involved while creating and recording the file.

As the structure of the Avi file has the organizational stream and stream data format, it defined two lists namely index chunk and list chunk.

Play AVI on Mac:

If you cannot find out the way to play .avi files despite the solutions presented, there is another way to watch the videos. You can be converted AVI to MP4 or the other format using the more covert. You can find free solutions as well as paid ones. You can choose if you have to convert AVI via the app or convert AVI to onlineMP4.

How to Play AVI on Mac?

Elmedia player is intuitive software with user interfaces designed to make it easy to play for you. These files are on any device, no matter if we are talking about a mac, iMac, or Mac book. And then there are some steps are as follows:

  • Install Elmedia player on Mac: first of all, access the site to download the application without the costs. When the downloads are completed, then open the installer. Add the application to the PC.
  • Open that app: earlier, the installation process is complete, then open the app. You can able to choose from some playing ways of the AVI videos on the PC. You can be either dropping the .avi file straight into the Elmedia window player or the icon in the dock.

The second option is to click right on the AVI’s video you have to play and then you can select the option “Open with”. Then choose the Elmedia player and double click on the video. From the Elmedia player, go to the file and then open that file. After that select the video you have to play.

  • You can find out the quick guides on how to change the Avi player on mac.
  • After completing all this process enjoy watching what you have.

AVI still not Playing on Mac

If the Avi video file isn’t playable even after updating the codec or converting it to the MOV file, using the professional Avi till of video repair is suggested. This Avi is a tool that you will need.

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Using all this information, we know the play AVI on Mac. This is a very simple and easy process to understand.

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