Notepad++ for Mac Download – Notepad++ Alternative Guide

Notepad++ for Mac Download – It is a free and open-source application when it comes to writing text. Notepad ++ is full of options you can use it easily with multiple files open at the same time. Hence, comparing the text is very easy and each line is numbered.

If you are a Windows PC user you might be using Notepad ++ as it is one of the popular and best code editors. It is used on Windows devices that are for professional coders. As Apple does not allow its software to be used on Windows similar Windows software is not available for Mac users.

Notepad++ for Mac Download – Notepad++ Alternative Guide

In case you shifted from Windows to Mac and are missing Notepad ++ for Mac. Then this article is helpful to you here I am going to mention the Alternatives of Notepad ++ for Mac OS.

Notepad++ for Mac Download [ Notepad++ Alternative Guide ]

Alternatives for Notepad++ for Mac

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1. Brackets

It is one of the best code editors for Mac, you can get this without any cost. It is developed by Adobe and is considered the best alternative to Notepad ++ for Mac. You can enjoy the features like extract, which allows different fonts, colors, measurements, and gradients.

It automatically extracts the information and converts it into CSS. You can save a lot of time while converting PSD to the website. Adobe regularly updates it with the latest features and gives extensions that help in coding such as jSHint Support etc.

2. Sublime Text

If you are good at coding and want to invest in a code editor then Sublime is the best option for you. It is a simple code editor and simply works like as Notepad ++. You will get awesome features such as a customizable interface. One of the best features of Sublime it prevents you from the Internet when you are working.

When you use GoTo Anything Search Option you can directly search for the specific words, open different files, etc. You can get this for $70 once you buy its license you can install it on any PC or Mac.

3. Atom

Atom is one of the best options when it comes to the replacement for Notepad++ on macOS. Atom is open-source software that is available to you without paying anything. It is approachable, modern, and hackable to its core.

Developed by the GitHub team you can change almost anything about it. You can install different themes to change the look and feel of your UI with CSS/Less. Even you can add major features, which fit your workflow using JavaScript and HTML.

4. Coda 2

It is a text editor that is a hard-core tool for web developers. Coda contains all the features such as project-wide, syntax, code folding, replace, find, indentation guides, automatic tag closing, shifting of code, autocomplete, etc.

Apart from the features, it is also a good text editor and specially designed for web developers. It contains deeply integrated file management, a developer can open local files, edit remotely on FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, or Amazon S3 servers.

5. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is one of the best text editors which you can get on your Mac. More than 30 different languages are supported by Visual Studio. It is keyboard-centric, code-focused editing, lightning-fast source code editor, autocomplete with IntelliSense, automatic real-time, etc.

Visual Studio also supports extensions that can add a large number of functionalities. The popular extensions are Angular, Git Lens, Essentials, Debugger for Chrome, etc. You can get this free of cost.

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My list concludes with the best Notepad ++ alternatives for macOS. As we, all know there is no single app, which suits everyone. Therefore, I suggest that you need a couple of them to see which one fits your needs. Many software is paid ones also offer a free-trial period, it will be easy for you to try and choose the right for you.

You do not need to give too much time or money to a text editor only to find out that is not the one. Try them out and let us check which is one you are going with.

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