Notability for Mac Review – Notability Alternatives for Mac

Notability for Mac – One of the best Macbook or iMac productivity apps is highlighted. When I say this, trust me.  An app you should at least check out is Notability.

Notability! The Year’s App for Mac! The iPad, iPhone, and Mac Editors ‘ Choice!

If you are a notability die-hard user with iOS, and particularly if it’s your go-to notetaking app on an iPad, it will be worth having your content on your Mac.

Notability for Mac Review – Notability Alternatives for Mac

Notability for Mac Review - Notability Alternatives for Mac

What’s Notability?

It’s a strong yet superbly easy note-taking and productivity application for your Mac.

Students, educators, and experts use Notability daily for commentary, drawing ideas, annotating PDFs,

marking photos, recording lectures, providing feedback from audio, etc.

The app will appeal to drawing or note-taking users who connect a pen stylus to their Mac. It works very well with writing, drawing, and marking content.

Notability’s inking options will still be helpful for the rest of us who stick to a trackpad or mouse to

highlight and mark up material, with several options for pen color and width.

Of course, you can also type in the note-taking app with adequate font choices. Notability is intended to do both in tandem, and  with the capacity to record audio for a digital notebook all-in-one

Pen Down the Way You Want

Each note is almost a blank canvas – just click and start inking or typing (although you can’t put text on top of a picture). You can drag and drop a picture, screenshot, or any other sort of file you would like to ink over.

You can organize notes into subjects that have a color code assigned to make it easier to look at

(unfortunately, you can’t alter the colors). Throw a splitter to clean the interface between some of them.

If you already have the iOS app, be sure to turn on iCloud syncing to get your notes to show up on the Mac.

You can save your notes to a third-party service for additional backup: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box are supported servers. This saves the notes in PDF format so that you can import them elsewhere.

Voice recording also operates very well. Just press and begin recording the microphone.

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Notability offers many features that you will find in more expensive apps for note-taking, as well as some that you won’t.

Its handwriting and audio recording tools work well, and we enjoyed the way Notability organizes notes and synchronizes them with the cloud as well.

Many other applications offer many of these services free of charge, but Notability is worth the price for the extras it provides.

For now, $10 is a little bit more to ask for a note-taking app when there are nice, free options and some bugs to work out. However, with its iOS version, Ginger Labs has a strong track record and is likely to resolve those.

So it makes sense to make the leap and get the desktop version if you’ve been using it significantly on mobile.

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