iMovie Alternative for Windows [ iMovie Equivalent for Windows ]

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Why is Movavi Best?

Movavi is full of editing tools and features. You can merge, split, rotate, crop and enhance your movies. Organize your video, audio, and titles on user-friendly Timeline. Highlight your video with professional filters like brightness, contrast, Denoise, color combination, Chroma key, etc. Edit your 2D and 3D videos on the timeline.

Movavi is used by more than four million people in 92 countries. Movavi provides a complete multimedia suite tool for video conversion. It includes tools like PC screen Capturing, video editing and playback, disk burning and online sharing.

iMovie Alternative for Windows

iMovie Alternative for Windows

About the Movavi Company

The Movavi Company established in the year 2004, the office of it is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Initially, the Movavi has grown from a small startup and run by three enthusiasts who produce and support two products to international trade with over 100 staff. And expanding product range for PC and Mac sold in 150 countries across the globe.

Movavi creates a large number of multimedia programs that help you can make fun with your videos, music, and photos on any platform or any device. The programs developed by the company are easy-to-use, effective and powerful that inspires the user to enhance and share their videos and content.

What are the Features of iMovie?

Simple and functional

Upload your favorite videos into the program, drag it to the working area and start the editing. You can improve video quality, increase or decrease the speed of the video. You can change the footage in many ways.

With this software, you can make a professional-look movie in just a half-hour. Moreover, you don’t need any special skills for that.

A large number of artistic effects

You can choose many kinds of visual effects. Like, create a retro-style video with an old movie filter. Or you can add a modern touch with Pop Art. To create a romantic effect in your videos you can use flying objects. Apply Vertigo to give your video the feeling of going on a colored journey. There are more than 40 effects and filters are at your service.

Different styles of transitions

Let your video to flow smoothly by inserting transitions between various parts. Movavi editor has faded to fit every style and pattern, including the unfolding origami, turning pinwheels, effects of turning, etc. Transitions are helpful when you live up slideshows.

Slideshow design mode

Of course! You can create amazing slideshows with the help of this video editor. You will be surprised to see the results with great ease. Simply drag your photos to the timeline, insert superb fades between the stills and you can add impressive music. After finishing your work call your friends to enjoy your photo movie.


There are more than 100 fonts are available to caption your video. Experiment with different shades of colors, size and text parameters. You can create the titles with an animated text and rotate the caption in any direction you like. Adding titles to your video will make it funnier to watch.

Supportive Formats

You are able to import and export audio and video formats in popular formats like AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4 WMA, etc. Special presets are provided to watch and save your videos on mobile devices like Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry, etc. It allows the convenient sharing function helps you quickly upload your videos to YouTube.

Fast processing Speed

The processing speed to Movavi is excellent on AMD of Intel multi-core processors. Create 3D videos on our own.

How is the main screen of Movavi?

The main screen of the Movavi contains four parts given below

  1. Menu Bar
  2. Preview Area
  3. Options Pane
  4. Timeline Panel

1. Menu Bar

The Menu bar contains the options that allow you to manage your projects. It has the following parts given below:

New project: You can create a new project in Movavi video editor.
Open Project: Open the existing project with the help of this.
Save Project: Saves the current project.
Save Project As: Save the current project with the name of your choice.
Project setting: It opens the project setting dialog window.
Add media: Add audio, video or graphic files to Movavi.
Save Movie: It allows us to export the edited data from Movavi and save them in different formats.
Recently opened files: It shows the list of recently opened files and videos.
Exit: To quit the Movavi you need to use the exit.
Undo: It cancels the last action
Redo: It repeats the undone action
Cut: Cut the video selected in the timeline panel.
Copy: Copy a clip selected in the Timeline panel.
Paste: Paste a previously copied or cut into the defined place in the Timeline Panel.
Delete: Delete the selected clip.

2. Preview Area

In this area, you can preview the files during editing. Use the control buttons under this area to manage video and audio playback. The functions of the buttons like play, pause, playback, jump to previous or next frame and turns sound on or off, etc.

3. Options Panel

In the Import tab, you will see various sources by clicking the icons. The icons are Add media files, Add DVD, capture video, audio and add 3D video files.

4. Timeline panel

The working area of Movavi video that helps to edit video clips, add audio tracks and titles apply effects. It contains the title track, video track, and audio track.

How to download Movavi?
Excited to record your memorable moments like a birthday party, get together or marriage functions. It’s a cool idea! Just follow some simple steps and download Movavi.

Step one

Install the Video Montage Maker

Start the setup by running the program. After the completion of the installation, the program will automatically start.

Step Two

Add Media Files

Click Add Media Files to select the videos, photos and audio tracks you like to use for your clip. You can upload many files in one go.

You can get the tips from our stock of video collection to add professionally directed videos for your movie. To get this option select a sample video in the list on the left and click the option download more. You will reach to the stock of our video footage page.

Step Three

Make a Video Montage

The Movavi Video Editor helps you to create your video in different ways. You need to read the list of movie montage options.

You can split the video into different parts and delete the unwanted parts from it:

1. Join the videos and animated changes
2. Create your movie with your favorite background music
3. Merge the text files and captions
4. Add special effects to show excitement
5. Speed up or slow down the video sections

Saving and sharing your videos

By clicking the export button you can save the video in Movavi Video Editor. At the top of the export window, you will see various tabs that help you to save your movie for different mobile devices in different formats.

Click the Upload online in case you want to upload your video to the web. Wants to choose your desired option? Click start to save your video. If you want to save your video to a DVD, try Movavi Video Suite for Windows. Along with DVD and Blu-ray burner, this software has an appropriate video converter, screen recorder, etc.

However, you can do many other functions with the Movavi Video Editors like to cut out parts of a video. Edit your GoPro videos, reverse a song, etc.

What are the system requirements to download the Movavi?

1. Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista with up-to-date patches and services packs installed
2. Intel/AMD or compatible dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz
3. The screen resolution should be 1280X768, 32-bit color
4. 512 MB RAM for Windows XP/ Vista
5. 2GB for Windows 7/8/10
6. 250 MB available hard disk space which is required for installation of Movavi
7. 500 MB for continue operations
8. The permission of the administrator is required to install the Movavi

Uses of Movavi?

Movavi is a robust and lightweight screen recorder tool that allows you to stream your videos online, capture your still photographs, create videos online, stream video online, etc. You even create interactive online tutorials.

You can create a video from your computer screen for a phone, but there are many reasons you need a Movavi software to show to your clients, family or friends. It helps to make a guide or let’s play video or simply record videos from your browser.

Simply we can say it can solve various purposes of you. Here we are going to mention the benefits of Movavi.

Create Tutorials

It is an ideal tool for the creation of different types of tutorial-like video and photo editing or even a tutorial like how to use online software. You can also use the on-screen recorder to create an educational tutorial to help a student to learn the topics.

For your business, you can make create an advertisement to post on social media. Giving special effects to the video will attract the target audience within no time.

Create Streaming Videos

As compared to the other browser add-ons, which are used to install videos from the online websites, Movavi screen recording software does not cause your browser to delay. The screen recorder works as a quick tool for recording streaming videos. In case you miss your favorite TV show you can download it via YouTube, Hulu or Vimeo.

In case playing the video game is your hobby, use Movavi software to record your progress and see how you cleared each level. You can record your sound while making the video. You can also adjust the volume of the video from higher to lower.

Record any part of the video

Trim and join video segments to remove unnecessary parts from them. With the help of Movavi, you cut any part of the video and capture the other video into it. So select your favorite videos and mix them and put your favorite music on the background.


Unlike other soft wares, Movavi is very simple and easy to use. An even nontech person can download and use it very easily. The software is straightforward and easy to navigate you can locate the features that you need will take a one or two-click at most.

Adjust the color contrast

Higher the video quality manually by adjusting the color setting and using the automatic magic enhance feature. Choose the black and white or colored contrast to give your images and videos a great look.

Special Effects and filters

You can transform the visual style and appearance of your video. By choosing various special effects and filters. It also helps to fix and repair the issue like blurry, pixelated, shaky or interlaced segments of a video.

Movavi gives you a simple and quick solution to perform many amazing tasks. Staring from editing, splitting, ripping, and burning to save to mobile devices. You can fulfill your desire to download the video to YouTube.

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