iMessage for Windows 10 Free Download – Complete Guide

iMessage for Windows 10 – Apple’s iMessage for Windows is a much-questioned subject around the part of the Internet. No one is unknown about Apple’s amazing service, but few people know to get this feature on their PC. If you want to know how to send iMessage from PC with the help of iMessage desktop the right place you visited.

iMessage for Windows 10 Free Download

iMessage is developed by Apple Inc. and used for an instant service messaging application. It is supported by the message application of ios5 or later. iMessage works on Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. iMessage are texts, photos, and videos that are able to send to iOS devices.

iMessage for Windows 10 Free Download [ Step By Step Guide ]

iMessage is very popular among Apple users, now the best part of it is you can enjoy it through your Windows PC. You can enjoy this app on your Windows PC.

  1. Share your favorite text messages, images, and videos as well.
  2. You can enjoy the unlimited benefits of iMessage.
  3. These days groups chat is very popular among youngsters. This app allows the group chat option through which you can chat with your family and friends.
  4. This app has a great speed of transferring messages so the app is called an instant messaging application.
  5. You will get instant notification whether the message sent by you is successfully delivered or not.
  6. The best part of this app is that shows the other person is typing or not.
  7. You can transfer a large number of images and videos without any hassle.

How To Download iMessage for Windows 10

iMessage app cannot be used except the iOS devices, it is tricky you can run the app on your Windows PC. It can be done using Bluecstacks called iPadian.

  1. First of all, you need to download Bluestacks Emulator.
  2. Run the Exe file on PC, the next step is to install the file.
  3. As the installation finishes run the file.
  4. Type iMessage in the search box. You will reach the app store page, download that app and install it.

You can access iMessage for Windows using Chrome Desktop. However, it’s not the exact method to use but a systematic way to use iMessage on Windows. Chrome Remote Desktop extension allows you to access any other computer remotely.

If you are the owner of a Mac computer and you want to use iMessage installed on it from a PC, Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to gain the access to Mac screen. Of course! You need a Mac computer to use the Chrome remote desktop.

Steps To Access iMessage for Windows 10 Using Chrome Remote Desktop

1. Before you start you need to download the Google Chrome browser from the official website on both computers (PC and Mac).

2. Install Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both computers

3. As the extensions install click the “Launch App” button which is on the top right.

4. You require to install an additional program on the Mac computer named “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer”

5. Find the Host Installer file on your Mac’s hard drive and run it to install it.

6. To install the application follow the onscreen instructions. You may need to enter your Mac computer password during the installation process.

7. Launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac. Note down the 12 digit code on the screen. This is the code you will enter on the Chrome on PC to get access to your Mac computer remotely.

8. Access iMessage by visiting the app drawer.

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Note: Both computers must be connected to the Internet for remote access. For a better experience, Wi-Fi is recommended.

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