How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac ( 2 Methods )

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac – Mainly there are 2 methods to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac.

The first method is you can use the Eases Mob Mover tool which is a free iOS data transfer tool. This tool is free to use. Mob Mover tool supports different types of video formats like MV4, MOV, RM, MKV, etc.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac ( 2 Methods )

Mob Mover helps you in different ways. For that, you have to install Mob Mover in your Mac. After installed into your Mac you can do various operations.

First, you can transfer files between two iOS devices or computers and another iOS device.

In addition, that supports the other types of files, photos, music, and many more contents including videos. On iPhone or iPad, you can manage the contents by editing, deleting, or adding new items.

How do Connect and Transfer the Videos?

At first, with the help of a sub cable connect your iPhone to Mac. After that, the screen paper into your device with the message Trust This Computer click on that message to continue. Then run your Mob Mover and select the iOS device to Mac for the main interface.

Mob Mover will select automatically all the items which are transferable on your device. Select the videos you want to copy. To transfer all the things at once enables you to the 1 click transfer feature. You have to use custom transfer features if you are going to move some of your videos from iPhone to Mac with the help of clicking your device name in the main interface.

By clicking the file icon which is present in the upper right corner you can customize the storage route. On the desktop, the folder is created by default and the name of that folder is exported by mob mover. Mob mover will export your device files into that folder. Now click on the transfer button to export the videos from iPhone to Mactator you can go to the folder you selected to view the imported videos.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac

The second method is you can use the data sharing feature name of that feature is Airdrop. It is a built-in function on iPhone, iPad and helps to transfer more things into two airdrop-supported systems.

Turn on airdrop on your device then go to finder and then go to airdrop then switch on wife or Bluetooth for turn on airdrop on your Machen set the option as allow to everyone or contacts. Now on your iPhone switch on the airdrop. On-screen swipe to the bottom for open control settings then click on airdrop to set your iPhone to show the contacts or everyone.

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Now without tunes, you can transport the videos to Mac. For that in your, iPhone opens the photos app. Then select particular videos which are you want to transfer from your iPhone to Mac. Now click on the share button and then click on your name of the Mac in the airdrop section for transfer photos or videos from iPhone to the Mac without tunes.  Hence you can successfully transfer the videos from iPhone to Mac.

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