How to Rename File on Mac – Rename Files, Folders, and Disks on Mac

How to Rename File on Mac – It’s really easy to change a folder in Mac OS X and there are a couple of different forms you can do it.

How to Rename File on Mac – Rename Files, Folders, and Disks on Mac

We’ll concentrate on the three most popular techniques to easily rename any file or directory folder on the Mac, two of which are achieved through the Finder file system’s recognizable graphical GUI, and one that’s a little more sophisticated for technologically oriented users who prefer the command line approach.

Different Methods to Rename a File

how to renaming file on mac

Method 1: Rename a file or folder by selecting it and hitting the ‘return’ key:

Only click on the OS X Finder file/folder button, then press the return key, and type in the new term. This is easy and quick, and perhaps the most common form of renaming on the Mac.

Method 2: Rename a file or folder by selecting it and clicking on the filename with your cursor:

Very easy and completed with the Finder, here’s what you want to do: after selecting the symbol, clicking on the actual text of the filename and circling with the mouse cursor for a moment, you’ll see the text highlight meaning that you can then rename the object. Type the current name, go back, or press the mouse cursor to make the shift.

Method 3: Using right-click and choosing “Rename” from the menu:

In the Finder in current versions in OS X, whether you right-click (or control + click) on a file name, you can pick a “Rename” option to rename a single file or use it to rename several files at a time while several files are chosen. It functions well but the newest releases of OS X are still available.

Advanced Method 4: Rename a file or folder via command line

The command line is a little more sophisticated but you may still use the Terminal to rename every device or directory. To do so, use the following syntax in the command line replacing your files and filenames as desired:

mv old filename new filename

A Note on Renaming Files, and File Extensions

Be mindful that modifying the file extension (.jpg or.txt, etc.) will influence the behavior of the file and how applications react to it while renaming other files. In fact, you can keep the name of the file the same. It becomes all the more relevant if you have file extensions available in the Mac Finder, as renaming them is simpler.

I know that this might sound fairly simplistic to many of our more experienced writers, but two recent changes have asked me this query so they can’t be alone in asking, they both tried to do the right-click Windows-> rename process, which is sure to create some frustration in Mac OS X.

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For more information, you can visit the google portal for information on how to rename the file on the macOS.

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