How to Recover Snapchat Messages on Android

How to Recover Snapchat Messages on Android – Snapchat is the application in which you can share emojis, stickers, and messages with short videos. As you send a message, you can delete also it so, if you delete any message then also you can retrieve the message.

So, in this information, you will get the details about the recovery of the Snapchat messages on android. You will also get steps to recover the messages.

How to Recover Snapchat Messages on Android

The retrieving data is the most unique and best feature of this video sharing application where you can retrieve the photos, videos, and messages you send or receive. There are several ways that you can retrieve the messages.

How to Recover Snapchat Messages on Android

Snapchat allows you to send photos and view received photos for a specified amount of time. No matter Snapchat messages disappear from your phone but in reality, they are never deleted from your phone. So, there are 3 ways you can retrieve the data of Snapchat on android.

Retrieve from Storage Memory

No matter if you delete the message from Snapchat, the messages are stored on your device’s memory by the extension of .nomedia. The meaning of .nomedia extension is all other applications should disregard it.

In short, if the messages are deleted from your Snapchat but are still stored in your device’s storage memory where you can retrace them easily.

Steps to follow:

  • You can go with the file manager, file manager you can download and install from the play store.
  • After that go to storage memory and to retrieve the message you have to rename the files so you can remove the .nomedia extension.
  • Select the file and message and rename then to remove the .nomedia extension.
  • Then you will other applications deleted data but for Snapchat only you have to dig it up that you can find the deleted data.

Retrieve the Messages using the Dumpster Application

Dumpster application you will get on the play store. This application works as a recycle bin on your android phone. Dumpsters offer you the ability so you can recover any deleted content from your android devices.

The dumpster applications can retrieve all types of files and common files also.

Steps to follow:

  • First, you have to download the application from the play store and install the application.
  • Then open your Snapchat application videos or images.
  • Now you just need to go to the Dumpster application, where you can get the Snapchat images as well as photos.
  • So, you just need to turn on the Dumpster application so you can easily find the Snapchat messages.

Recover Message from Snapchat Cache

No matter if you delete the messages, the messages are not deleted from the storage. They just disappear from your message. So, to recover this you have to connect your android phone to the computer then go to internal storage.

Then go to data and open the folder com. Snapchat. android and here you will get all your deleted messages.

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Here you will get 3 easy steps to recover the Snapchat message from the android. So, make sure that you check this information.

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