How to Print Double Sided on Mac with Any Printer ( iMac )

How to Print Double Sided on Mac – Macs with links to a printer capable of double-sided printing will print any document as a two-sided print, which implies that each paragraph of the document is going to go to the front and back of the piece of paper, like a text. This is a common printing process for many cases, like manuscripts, documents, reports, books, and novels, and even for people who want to save paper.

How to Print Double Sided on Mac

How to print double sided on MAC

You can print double-sided on a Mac using Microsoft Word, Outlook, Documents, Safari and Preview PDF files and many other programs, as well as the function, operates on all models of macOS and Mac OS X, as this guide would explain through the relatively easy method.

When starting to print double-sided pages, make sure that you follow the few criteria that are necessary for two-sided printing. The first is very simple, the printer will comply with duplex printing, which is typically a laser printer or similar tool. The next criterion is for the written paper to be at least two pages long since the first paragraph is on one side of the printed page and the next page is on the other side of the printed page.

If you want to buy a printer that is capable of the duplex, Amazon has a lot of options if you are looking for ‘duplex printing,’ they are typically laser printers and are available at many different prices. Nonetheless, make sure you have a Mac-compatible printer system before you attempt to print double-sided.

Printing Double-Sided on Mac be Like

Assuming the Mac has a duplex printer enabled, printing two-sided from virtually every program is really simple:

  • Open a paper that you want to print double-sided on a Mac, it can be opened in Word, Office, Excel Sheet, Preview or Safari PDF, or something like that.
  • Go to the tab ‘Folder’ and pick ‘Write’ as normal.
  • Check for ‘Two-Sided’ under the heading ‘Form.’
  • Install the ‘Two-Sided’ dropdown panel, pick either ‘Long-Edge Binding’ or ‘Short-Edge Binding’ to suit your needs.

Print Double-sided Documents on Mac

Click ‘Print’ as normal, change any other choices if needed Test the printer and you will see that your two-sided print job should be completed as expected.

Once you have installed and allowed a two-sided printer, you can use Desktop printing methods to print double-sided files much faster with any compatible files without opening the program they come from.

If your printer has a hiccup or gets stuck, note that on the Mac you can restart the whole print program, which helps to fix most of the usual printer issues associated with Mac OS devices. Bear in mind that many individual printers also have their own drivers, so it is always important to upgrade them and retain current printer driver software.

My Printer is Not Duplex Capable, How Do I Print Double Sided?

If you don’t have the choices for two-sided printing, the printer may not be compliant with duplex capability.

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If your printer is not capable of duplex and is not capable of performing duplex printing on its own, you will have to print dual-sided, which is a more difficult task, manually. This basically means copying one sheet at a time, turning over the piece of paper, and then printing the next page, replacing each other on a different piece of paper.

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