How to Print Black and White on Mac – UPDATED 2024

How to Print Black and White on Mac – Most printers are used in black and white or greyscale with Mac support printing. B&W printing can provide a convenient way to boost image contrast, but it also helps you to reduce the amount of color ink used when printing a text, article, or webpage.

How to Print in Black & White from a Mac?

How to print black and white on mac

It’s pretty easy to print in black and white on a Mac, but sometimes the functionality is tucked away in a print environment, depending on the printer a Mac is configured to use and even to use the print engine. We’ll cover two ways to print in black and white from Mac.

Note that your Mac typically relies on the printer you are using and whether the printer directly supports Black and White or not. Many printers do not require the printing of black and white.

Many printers find it very simple to print in black and white if you go to print a file and see a ‘Black & White’ toggle box right away, search it to print only in black and white. If not, here’s how to print from a Mac in black and white.

Go to the ‘Document’ tab and choose ‘Write’ as standard from the document, text, website, or article you want to write.

  • Select ‘Display Information’ on the print options page to show further details about the printing choices:
  • B&W Printing Option 1: switch the checkbox next to ‘Black & White’ if available.
  • B&W Printing Option 2: Find options for black/grey printing.
  • Download the options menu and pick ‘Type / Quality paper.’
  • Now press on the text ‘Texture Options’ and pick ‘Grayscale’ next to White.
  • Choose ‘Black Ink Only’ as an option next to the Grayscale Mode setting.

Another Way to Print Black and White Mac

Now, as normal, click ‘Write’ to write the chosen text in black and white.

This can be used to print on many printers in black and white or in grayscale.

Sometimes the choices in black and white are under ‘Colour Options’ as Mono or ‘Black Cartridge Only,’ and verbiage can differ slightly based on the printer, the printer drivers, and the edition of Mac OS used.

Black and white printing option in mac OS

This is a nice trick for printing in general, but it is especially helpful when you try to preserve ink while printing web pages or things that don’t really benefit from the use of color ink.

Options to Print Grayscale or Black & White Are Missing on the Mac?

If the printer does not support black and white printing, there are no options for black and white printing.

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If you are going to print black and white or grayscale on a Mac, but the option is missing from the Print window, and let you know that your printer supports grayscale and/or black and white printing mode, you may need to do some basic troubleshooting. It typically means either resetting the print program in Mac OS or deleting the printer, changing the code, and installing the printer again.

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