How to Open Terminal on Mac – Using Commands and Functions

How to Open Terminal on Mac – Terminal is a handy tool to send your Mac commands though it can intimidate others. It’s not as fast, after all, as just typing in a sentence and responding to your computer.

You have to open it before you can use it anyway, right? There are different ways to use it; here are 7 easy ways to access the Terminal on Mac.

How to Open Terminal on Mac – Using Commands and Functions

Open Terminal using Spotlight Search:

How to open terminal on mac

Spotlight Quest is one of the fastest and simplest ways to open a Terminal on Mac.

  • If your menu bar has a Spotlight Check button, click on it. Then you should use the Command + Space shortcut on the keyboard.
  • “Terminal” type;
  • Up on top of your performance, you will see the Terminal application under Top Hit. Double-click and Terminal open.

Open Terminal using Finder

Open Finder, or make sure the Finder is used by your menu bar and not another program.

  • Click on Go > Menu bar Utilities.
  • Double-clicking Terminal in the utility tab that opens.

Open Terminal using the Applications Folder

You can access Terminal from the Applications tab if you have a Finder window open.

  • From left pick Applications.
  • Click the Utility folder on the arrow to extend.
  • Terminal by double-clicking.

If you want, I have the Applications folder in your Dock, you can also access the Terminal from there.

  • Tap Your Dock Applications.
  • Pick a Utility.
  • Choose Terminal.

Open Terminal using Launchpad

Using Launchpad, you can open Terminal two ways, depending on whether or not you have configured Launchpad a particular way.

Launchpad by default includes a folder called Other, which includes Terminal.

  • Open your Dock Launchpad or the Fn + F4 keyboard shortcut.
  • Find the folder Other, then press.
  • Choose a Terminal.

If your Launchpad things have been organized differently and the Other folder deleted, you can still easily locate Terminal.

  • Open your Dock Launchpad or the Fn + F4 keyboard shortcut.
  • In the search box at the top form “Terminal.”
  • Click on the Terminal icon to display it.

Open Terminal using Siri

There’s one more very easy way to open Terminal on Mac by using Siri.

  • Click on the Siri button in the menu bar or open Siri in the Applications tab.
  • Just say “Open Terminal” using your microphone.

Build a Terminal Shortcut

When you want to start using Terminal more often, it is easy to create a shortcut for it in your Dock.

Do the following with the Terminal icon already in your Dock, because it’s recently opened.

  • Keep Command, and click or right-click the Terminal button in the Dock.
  • Mouse over Pop-up Menu options.
  • Press Keep in Dock.

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The above are the ways in which you can open a terminal on a mac.

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