How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac – Shortcut or Terminal

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac – If you have to shift the Minecraft saves from the pc to pc, or upload it to the internet, you should locate first the world file on the computer. While this is straightforward with the Windows machines, it’s more complicated when it’s come to the computers running Mac operating system.

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac – Shortcut or Terminal

To even be able to see the Minecraft folder in the finder on the Mac, you need to unhide the hidden folders because macOS hides all the folders that regular PC users probably won’t be used including Minecraft world folders.

How to Find Minecraft Folder on Mac - Shortcut or Terminal

That is what this tutorial is for to show exactly how to locate and unhide Minecraft folders on the Mac.

About Minecraft Folder

Minecraft is the best game largely to the massive creative community individuals spend their free time-modifying, tweaking, and overhauling each experience aspect. This game can play in its version easily on OS and to be fair the untouched game is an absolute blast to play.

Once you have gotten the eyeful of what the modding community has done to develop a surreal sandbox of mahjong, it is very hard to go back.

Steps to find the Minecraft folder on Mac:

  • Open the terminal: 

Firstly, hiding as well as unhiding Mac operating system hidden folders can be accomplished through the terminal command. This terminal if you were not aware is the application built into the Mac operating system to access the raw UNIX interface behind the OS. Then opening the terminal means knowing where it is located on the Mac, searching the terminal in the spotlight.

  • Execute the unhide command:

To unhide all hidden folders in the finder, copy and paste simply the following codes into a terminal and then hit enter. For the changes to have appeared, you will have to reboot the finder. That could be accomplished by restarting the Mac. Still, many simpler options are to type other commands into the terminal that restarts the finder in a few seconds.

  • Locate the Minecraft folders:

All you have got to do is locate the Minecraft folders in the finder. So that goes to the Home folder of Mac, opens the visible library folder, goes into the support application then Minecraft, and saves finally. You will see all the Minecraft save folders.

So, to transfer the folders to another computer duplicate simple the folder and place it in the same folder on another computer. If the computer is a Linux or Windows machine, the location will differ.

  • Rehide the hidden folders:

You have not to do this if you do not have to, but since it may annoy to have useless hidden folders displayed all over the finder, how to Rehide the hidden file execute simply the same command in this terminal as you did to show these hidden folders except replace the correct statement at the end with an incorrect statement. You will have to reboot the finder for some changes to take the effect of executing the command.

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According to all information, we understand the find method of Minecraft folders on MAC.

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