How to Connect iPhone to Mac – Wireless or USB Cable

How to Connect iPhone to Mac – If you are using multiple iOS devices then you must have to know how to connect the iPhone device to Mac. the benefit of that is it not only ensures your data but it can unlock productivity tricks.

How to connect iPhone to Mac

How to Connect iPhone to Mac?

To connect iPhone to Mac there is one of the easiest methods is available. You can connect your iPhone to Mac with the help of iTunes. When you sync your device with the help of iTunes you will be able to move video, photos, files, and other content. So, there are two ways to sync using iTunes. The first one is with the help of cable you can connect iPhone to Mac and second is using WIFI connect your iPhone to Mac.

Methods to connect iPhone to Mac

So, in the first method, you have to take the cable which comes with your iPhone and then plug one end into your phone and plug another end into your USB port on your Mac. After that automatically iTunes opens. In that, you have to make sure that you are using the right cable because different devices have their own different cables.

So important note is you have to make sure that your cable has a lighting connector and the right USB for your Mac.

Another method to connect iPhone to Mac

The second method to connect iPhone to Mac is you can use wi-fi. This is the simplest way over the cables. If your Mac device and iPhone device both are connected to the same WIFI network then they can sync wirelessly. For that, you have to connect the iPhone or iPad to your Mac device. iTunes opens automatically and if it’s not open automatically then open it manually.

After that in iTunes select the iPhone icon. And then go to the iPhone summary screen. After that in the options, section select the sync with this iPhone over WIFI and then the checkbox. After that select apply and go and again select done to save changes. Go to the left side of the panel and select the up arrow which is next to the iPhone icon to eject the iPhone. After that unplug the iPhone from the Mac device.

Also, use this method to connect iPhone to Mac

You can also connect your iPhone to your Mac with the help of using iCloud. For this, if you prefer wireless syncing then avoid iTunes and use iCloud. For iCloud, you have to check that your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same iCloud account and have the same sync settings. After that, if any change occurs on data on the first device will be synced to iCloud the same sync network and because of that then it goes down to other devices.

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With the help of this feature, they are in sync. For iCloud, you have to sign in to the cloud using your apple id. For signing to iCloud on phone go to the settings then click on your name at the top of the screen. After that click on iCloud.

Then use your apple id and password to sign in. For signing into Mac first click on the Apple menu. Apple menu is available in the left corner of the screen. Then click on the system preferences then click on iCloud and sign in with your apple id and password.

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