Git for Windows 10 Free Download – Step by Step Guide!

Git for Windows 10 Free Download – Git is a version control software to manage the changes of computer files by storing a memory of each version they have taken over time. This application is created by Linus Torvalds with the collaboration of many other developers. Linus Torvalds is the creator of Linux.

The version control application keeps track of all the changes that you make in the files of your project. Every time you need to make the changes to the files of your project, you can push those changes to a repository.

Git for Windows 10 Free Download

The repository is a project folder, which contains all of the project files including documents, and also contains each file’s revision history. Repositories can have multiple collaborations that can be public or private.

Git for Windows 10 Free Download [ Step by Step Guide ]

Another developer can pull your changes from the source and continue to make the improvements that you added to the project. Git is a version control system that tracks the changes in computer files and coordinates work on that files among multiple people. Git is used for source code management in software development.

Git for Windows Download

Work Offline

Git uses the concept of the local repository where you have a copy of the complete repository of your project. You can commit the changes you make to files of your project to the local repository. With the use of Git, you can completely offline which means even when you don’t have access to a remote repository.

Fast Working

The Git operations are fast because they are performed on your local repository copy.

Branches for Experiments

Sometimes you require working on new experimental features without interfering with the main code of your project. You can create a new branch to try the code of those experimental features. The different branches allow the different developers to work on different features without any interference with each other’s work. The last when the features are ready you can merge the branches and change the main branch.

Track The Status of Your Changes

To check the status of the changes you made to your repository is pretty straightforward. The Git status command lets will show what would happen if you commit your changes at a given time. You can avoid the mistakes of using external branches of your project.

Adding or Moving Files

In case we want to move a file inside your repository Git automatically tracks that move. This feature was not possible in the older version control application like CVS. Moving a file required to create a new file and remove the older one, hence losing the changed history.

Pick One Commit From Some Branch

Git allows to pick one commit from some branch and apply it into the current branch. This operation is useful for testing purposes. Imagine if you want to test some temporary changes or pick some commitments done in other branches.

How To Download Git for Windows 10

1. Download the latest Git for Windows installer

2. As the installer successfully starts, you will see the Git Setup wizard screen

3. Open the command prompt or Git Bash if during installation you are not allowed to use Git from the Windows Command Prompt.

4. Run the commands given below to configure your Git username and email.
$ git config – global “NAME Paris”
$ git config –global user. Email “

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